Book: Kentico CMS 5 - Website Development Beginner's Guide

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Kentico (news, site) offers a manual for its Web CMS to help beginners get the most from their sites.

Chapter and Verse

 This Beginner's Guide to Kentico Website Development is a new release, available as either a paper book an ePDF from Packt Publishing, that offers to help readers create sites the right way. That is, build a website (or sites) that is easy to expand, is attractive to users, uses the features of the Kentico Web CMS and perform eCommerce or campaigns that match your business goals. 


Don't get in a flap over your CMS

Weighing in at 312 pages, with annotated screenshots, step-by-step guides, code examples and easy-to-understand explanations, the book is clear in its focus and has a well-defined readership.

Learning Opportunities

From engaging site visitors to making sites search engine-friendly, all the expected topics are covered and there is concise explanation for every action the user takes.

Read All About It

Broken down into 10 chapters, the book covers everything you'll need to know about using the ASP.Net-friendly CMS. It takes a tutorial, example-led, approach to teaching. The CMS itself is available from US$ 1,999 for a single site base license with a year of upgrades and technical support.

On completing the book and its lessons, users should be able to  build a dynamic, discoverable and scalable website that will impress visitors and get results. Kentico upgraded to version 5.5 earlier in the year with improved support for social features, and is also available as a downloadable or sandbox demo from the Kentico site.

About the Author

The book is written by Thom Robbins, Kentico's evangelist, who hosts plenty of webinars to help users develope their Kentico skills. Kentico CMS 5 Website Development: Beginner's Guide is available for a discounted US$ 45.89 in paper form with free shipping to the U.S., U.K, Europe and some Asian countries. An e-version is available for US$ 30.59 in PDF ebook format. You canread an example chapter to see if it is pitched at your level.