Pixelsilk: Changing CMS Paradigm with Built-In SEO
After two and a half years of diligently working on what they hope is a unique offering worth your while, search engine optimization (SEO) providers Pixelsilk have released their content management system.

Pixelsilk CMS combines the power of built-in SEO functionality and real-time feedback on your team’s or client’s work. Claiming that this is the Content Management System we’ve all been dreaming about, Pixelsilk offers up their solution with some fancy word work promising the empowerment of SEO, marketing and developmental Web teams.

Grass is Green on All Sides

The company acknowledges that SEO-friendly content management systems are a dime a dozen, but contests that most only offer limited features including URL rewriting and meta data access. Pixelsilk aims to fill in the areas these systems have left blank by offering a content management system with SEO at its very core. As a result, users are afforded SEO control over several aspects of the system, rather than just a few.

Specifically, the solution allows full access and control of the HTML to implement a branded design, custom development, e-commerce cart and search strategy. That of course, in addition to maintaining easy WYSIWYG content editing.

In theory, Pixelsilk’s response to the growing need for visibility online with strategic SEO requirements would move the power of building website awareness and traffic right to your fingertips. Mark Knowles, President and CEO of Pixelsilk, puts it like this: "The need for these CMS barriers to be lifted is long overdue and bringing world class SEO advice to the forefront of site maintenance is the first of many exciting new capabilities for our clients."

Other capabilities include:

  • Follows 'white hat' SEO code of ethics
  • Full HTML and URL control
  • All theme code is available from the <DOC TYPE> tag to the </HTML> tag.
  • Extensible via client and server API
  • Real-time search advice while editing content

The Many Faces of Pixelsilk

While you may not have actually heard the name “Pixelsilk” prior to this article, chances are you’re more than familiar with WordPress, Stumbleupon and Twitter. In what is more than likely an effort to rise to the ranks of such popular Web applications, Pixelsilk also uses its platform to integrate with such superstars.

In doing so, the company consolidates various social media initiatives all under their user interface from a customer's view, making it simpler than ever to reach the social web network and maximize marketing efforts for clients.

For those in need of a hand to lead them through the jungle of search engine optimization, SEO advice is brought to customers through the addition of what Pixelsilk calls the search advice layer (SAL). This feature allows SEO firms the opportunity to bring advice side-by-side, next to the customer, while editing the page.

Maximizing Everyone’s Initiatives Gets Love

The bits and pieces of reactions to Pixelsilk we've picked up seem to reflect an over-arching appreciation for the service, including from the experts:

"I am greatly impressed with how Pixelsilk integrates the ability to both control the content on a website, and consider the integration of search engine optimization and functionality. It is truly a breakthrough product which can help companies grow their business and succeed on the internet marketplace in an efficient and cost effective manner," says Bill Chiaravalle, Co-Author of Branding For Dummies.

Stay tuned to find out if Pixelsilk has what it takes to shake up the content management world. Until then, check out their demonstration video, or peruse their site for more information.