Clickability Squeezes Social Media in Do-It-All Toolkit

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The interactivity Wünderkinds at Clickability just released Social Media, a veritable treasure trove of Web 2.0 fantasy that houses every social media offering a mash-up-happy enterprise could want -- er, need. Built on the cmPublish content management platform, Social Media hopes to help enterprises explore innovations, test products and campaigns, and build loyalty by plugging integrated user communities directly into their websites.This release moves Clickability into Wikia turf. Wikia, which specializes in enterprise-friendly wiki offerings, recently unveiled a similar social media do-all at Le Web 3 in Paris. is expected to make a sneak appearance on April 26-27 at the Very Innovative Publishing Conference in San Francisco, CA, where Clickability is based. To whet (or possibly spoil) the appetite, Social Media contains the following handy-dandy components:* Visitor Ratings, enabling readers to provide feedback on published content. It also includes a set of ratings metrics from 1-N rating systems, as well as positive/negative signifiers.* Comment notification. This sends auto-generated e-mails to visitors whose comments have been approved by the publisher. It also includes the link to the comment's location, which encourages repeat visits and gives readers a chance to double-check what they said.* Social media analytics, which helps publishers measure the reader activity on their websites.* AJAX driven commenting. Is there anything AJAX can't do? This function provides an interface that speeds up the process of reviewing, approving, editing and publishing comments in real-time.* Loyalty profiles: This essentially enables frequent visitors to build their own persona pages on your site. The page then tracks their activity, including recent comments, discussions, reviews, whatever you can think of. But what would a name be without a face? It also includes an avatar add/create featur. Oooh.* Visitor-contributed video with in-line advertising. This is actually unique to Clickability. It essentially gives visitors an opportunity to become citizen journalists by uploading video onto your site, which you can then manage. This function also embeds pre-roll, post-roll and mid-roll video along with clickable banners and other ads.* Unified social media search, which enables visitors and cmPublish users to search your site's entire content repository from a single engine. Searchers can then rank results by the preferences that best suit them: comment strength, rating or page views.* Discussion Boards or internet forums, which helps build active communities around your industry, corporate culture or product.* RSS features for integrated syndication of related content.The Social Media toolkit aims to enable enterprises to pimp their sites out Web 2.0-style from one clean solution. This saves time that would otherwise be spent raiding wiki or blog-exclusive site offerings, then trying to integrate separate forumware onto the same platform, then trying to plug a third-party analytics feature into all these separate components.Interactivity between different media is also built-in. Clients can republish blogs as newsletters, for example, and search both company-published and user-generated work across one search engine.Clickability CEO John Girard explains, "We see social media as another form of web publishing. "Social media is a natural evolution of our platform and another tool that enables our customers to achieve their web business goals."Expect to see the Social Media toolkit in the second fiscal quarter. Clickability will also be showcasing a preview at the Very Innovative Publishing Conference in San Francisco, April 26-27th in San Francisco.Clickability's Social Media release is slated for availability in the second quarter. Read up at the Clickability website.