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CrownPeak, a Gold sponsor of the Gilbane Conference that starts tomorrow in San Francisco, has announced some major new features for its web content management system that should make both developers and end-users as excited as a school boy in a comic shop. This new set of features includes support for Microsoft developers, better file management and improved web analytics with the flavor of Web 2.0. Most know by now that CrownPeak is a provider of both hosted -- SaaS -- and in-house web content management solutions. It was just February of this year that they announced the SaaS version of their product offering. These new product features will work well with both versions.

Visual Studio Developer Tool Support

Developers from all walks of life can use their familiar IDEs to connect to CrownPeak's CMS over the internet and complete their development activities. CrownPeak now supports most of the popular development tools including Visual Studio, Dreamweaver, Eclipse and text editors like TextPad (a free editor tool). To ensure that CMS templates open in the proper IDE, developers can set their tool as their default editor -- simple as that. "Developers have favorite tools and methods for coding," said Carl Sutter, CTO of CrownPeak. "Our goal is to combine best-of-breed developer tools with the flexibility and power of the CrownPeak CMS development environment, so that developers can manage content templates using their development tool of choice." What is unclear at this point though is how much the template development works. For example, can you use all the new features of Visual Studio 2008 in your template development? Or are you limited to basic development capabilities?

End-User Enhancements

File Management Available immediately to all CMS users, a new interface to upload entire folders full of files or large video and audio files all without having to open the web browser. Obviously this is achieved by using WebDAV capabilities of some nature. Website Analytics Currently available in Beta to all existing customers, the new Website Analytics features are available in the CMS as an integrated digital dashboard of functionality.This new feature extends a customer's selection of web analytics to use either CrownPeak's basic capabilities or have a third party vendor solutions integrated into the dashboard. CrownPeak has upgraded their out-of-the-box solution with much of the same features you get with an analytics package. Their offering also comes with some interesting Web 2.0 features that are designed to help Web managers better understand and manage their websites. As with almost all analytics packages, you can get your reports and then make changes to your site via the CMS accordingly. One interesting feature in CrownPeak's analytics is the ability for you to use workflow rules to have your site updated automatically based on certain metrics. This is a more advanced analytics options. To help understand what users are doing on a site better, new features include: * Live Watch - See what your users are doing in real-time * Google Maps Mashup - See where your visitors live and have an activity report tied to the Google map for that visitor's particular visit * Web 2.0 interfaces - Provides you unique report views including a Tag Cloud report for most requested search terms and RSS feeds to get reports delivered to your door We tried to find out a little more about these options from their website, but it appears they are saving the meat and visuals for the Gilbane Conference. Guess we know now though where some of the US$ 10.25 million in VC funding was spent. So, if you are at the Gilbane Conference tomorrow, take a walk over to the CrownPeak booth and ask some questions on their new features.