Day Adds Translation and Localization to CQ5 Web CMS

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When Day Software (news, site) upgraded its content management platform to CQ5.3 it came with a number of useful enhancements, but no translation abilities. Day has just rectified that by teaming up with Translations.com to produce a quick-response solution to enable companies to launch localized products in numerous languages.

Focusing on marketing needs, the new pre-built integration can build websites for one language or region and have them translated by using an extension from the Translations.com (news, site) online catalog PackageShare.

Using the relatively straight-forward extension, content is sent directly to Tanslations.com GlobalLink for translation and localization, creating new marketing content for local sites and marketing uses.

While the routing of content is automatic, local country managers are given final approval of content before it is launched ensuring the content fits the local market it will be serving.

Day Software And CQ5.3

With the launch of CQ5.3 in February Day did a lot to help marketers with new modules for the personalization, segmentation and targeting of their campaigns and the only issue that was limited it was localization.


CQ 5.3 Segmentation Editing

CQ5.3 introduced, for example:

  • CQ Targeting: A module that allows marketers to create, manage and measure their online marketing efforts (campaigns, landing pages, etc.).
  • Segmentation Engine: The segmentation engine allows users to adjust segmentation rules by referral keywords or general surfing patterns, while segmentation editing enables developers to create specific custom traits to provide marketeers with more specific targeting based on specific user profiles.
  • Personalization: Day made personalization more dynamic and scalable and comes as part of CQ Social Collaboration module.

Translations.com And GlobalLink

From its side of the integration, Translations.com brings GlobalLink, a modular group of technology applications designed to streamline every facet of the localization process.

Learning Opportunities

While all the different components can work independently of each other, they can also work as whole unit and it is this that Day has integrated into CQ.

Some of those features include:

  • Speedy delivery, publishing and synchronization of global content
  • Automation of localization manual tasks
  • Integration with CMS, DMS or database workflows
  • Real-time tracking and reporting for all translation activity

Localization Needs

Recent research from Web CMS vendor e-Spirit (news, site) indicates that that 35% of companies have more than 10 websites with almost 50% of those published in over 5 languages.

According to the e-Spirit, global proliferation of a multitude of information channels and the general content boom are causing the worldwide web content crisis.

While this new integration is for current users of Day’s CQ application, the fact that it has this facility in light of that crisis will act as an added incentive to enterprises that might be in the market for a new content management system.