Ektron (news, site) closed 2009 with sales growth of over 38%. Q1 2009 showed 26% growth in year-over-year revenues. It doesn't come as a surprise this Web CMS vendor is reporting about the same financials for 1H 2010.

The Numbers and the Why's

For 1H 2010, Ektron reports a 37% increase in revenue compared to 1H 2009. Q3 2010 sales went up 45% over July 2009. So, what are they selling?

A number of products we have been covering, including:

Both are bringing new customers and keeping existing customers interested in the product line. Yet, there's no word on how the core CMS400.NET Web CMS sales are doing.

Bill Rogers, founder and CEO of Ektron, comments:

With competitive technical analysis and boardroom influence favoring Ektron in customers’ due diligence, our momentum and accelerated growth is expected to continue.

Expectations for the Future

And we expect to hear from Ektron again soon. Mid-market .NET Web CMS market is a comfy spot right now for both selling and buying -- especially, for those who don't want to deal with SharePoint 2010 for their intranets or public-facing websites.

With the release of SP2010 (see our SharePoint 2010 review) we were hoping to see improvements on the Web CMS side of the product. Alas, the WCM improvements have been somewhat disappointing, especially given how long that release has spent in the R&D walls.

Ektron -- albeit facing intense competition from a plethora of other proprietary and open source .NET Web CMSs -- may be a suitable product for some companies, but not all. Keep an eye on pricing, feature sets and compatibity with your web engagement, content management and intranet management needs.

If you're evaluating Ektron from a Web CMS procurement perspective, relying just on these H1 numbers might not necessarily reflect all the goods and bads, if you're trying to assess their overall viability. It would be wise to get more detailed financial reports from your rep.