EPiServer Readies for IPO, Gets New CEO

As we mentioned a little while ago, a big IPO party is coming the EPiServer (news, site) way. But before popping that champagne, the Web CMS vendor is getting more organized with a new CEO on board.

Wish we could tell you more about the Initial Public Offering (IPO) Nasdaq OMX in Stockholm, but all that is still under a veil of secrecy -- for understandable reasons. So, let’s look EPiServer’s new CEO in the meantime. Martin Henricson, who strangely enough is nowhere to be found on networks like LinkedIn, is 49 and comes to EPiServer from Bure Equity and Tradedoubler, where he was a CEO as well.

Those are both public companies, and Henricson’s experience is exactly what EPiServer needs right now. In addition, during Henricson’s 5-year tenure at Tradedoubler, the company grew to bring in revenues over of 3 billion SEK. We’ve been watching EPiServer grow very fast in both U.S., Europe and other geographies. The latest news was around the company’s growing revenues with an average of 35% increase YoY. License revenue growth for 2009 was 46%.

So, what happens to the previous CEO? Peter Larsson will stay with the company. He has been appointed executive chairman of the Board of Directors. The former chairman, Hans Otterling, has been shifted to the position of a member of the board.

Stay tuned for more news from EPiServer. We should hear from them again soon.