e-Spirit CMS Gets More Serious About Content Re-use

e-Spirit, the makers of FirstSpirit CMS (news, site), released a new module called Database Pool that goes on top of the core content management platform.

The new product was developed by ARITHNEA GmbH with the goal of distribution and synchronization of content stored in databases and better content re-use across multiple websites.

Central Repository is Not Needed

While some may argue a need for a central content repository/database, FirstSpirit says there’s no need for one central database, as that (somehow) may make the lives of editors, who need to perform targeted distribution of content.

The Database Pool module, according to FirstSpirit, can be used in cases with multiple e-Spirit CMS projects to bring an easier to configure exchange of data. Andreas Knoor, head of product management at e-Spirit, says that the new module is “superb [in programming quality] and is very user-friendly to operate."

Some of the features of Database Pool module include:

  • Ability to add new projects
  • Support for multiple domains
  • Ability to configure at the table level
  • Design of the distribution workflow
  • Detection and mapping of references to other database elements
  • Remote media support
  • Multilingual support
  • Logging capability

Getting More Serious About Content Re-use

This new product seems to be essentially about content re-use that is so crucial in today’s multilingual and multichannel content management practices. One of the uses the vendor provides illustrating the importance of the Database Pool is to, for example, configure press releases “to appear on specific websites for different countries and brands,” where content editors can stay in the same project and don't have to switch to another project.

In essence, what happens is that you can maintain content in different projects (e.g., Internet, intranet, newsletter) and share that content amongst the various projects. Sort of like a hierarchical content inheritance we’ve seen with some other Web CMS vendors, where you can get content from the master project distributed to the subprojects. In addition to that, content can go from a subproject to master projects, or among individual subprojects.

Controlled Access With More to Come

FirstSpirit says you can still control write and release privileges for cross-project content exchange with fine granularity. This is when you may want to look into the integration of the new Database Pool module with the PackagePool module that provides sharing of project templates and content across linked projects, while being maintained in a central location.

The roadmap for Database Pool includes many additional releases in the upcoming years. That is another way of saying FirstSpirit is looking for trailblazers, who can provide feedback on the usability of the tool.