eZ Publish 4.3 Offers New Administration Interface
We knew it was coming soon. eZ Systems (news, site) has officially released version 4.3 of their Web CMS eZ Publish. And while we alluded to what was new, we didn't get into details. Until now.

eZ Publish 4.3 marks a milestone in the evolution of this open source web content management system. What is new in this version? A new admin interface, expanded support for user generated content and certification of the TeamRoom collaboration extension to name just a few. Let's take a look:

A Revamped Admin Experience

Administration interfaces are critical components of a WCM solution. The ability to create and manage content and other website elements easily and quickly cause many WCM vendors to spend a lot of time designing an optimal user experience. And it looks like eZ is no exception.

For starters, the default landing space has become the Dashboard, giving administrators instant, at a glance access to important features.


eZ Publish 4.3 Administration Dashboard

The number of clicks to get to a particular function has been reduced and the work space has been optimized to show the important, more frequently used features. According to eZ, the administration interface now leverages Ajax technology providing better performance and more dynamic features.


eZ Publish 4.3 Admin Dashboard

Getting to the Heart of Content

eZ Publish 4.3 comes with changes to the Content Engine that improve the management of content types as well. In prior versions you could create attributes for content types and order these attributes, but not much more. With 4.3 you can group attributes into logical sets such as attributes for content data, publishing information and meta data.

The introduction of a full screen edit mode allows content creators to completely focus on the task at hand -- managing content. This includes being able to work on a particular set of attributes.

The content types and attributes you create and how you group them are completely up to you. There's no coding required.


eZ Publish 4.3 Full Screen Edit

Supporting User Generated Content

User generated content has become very popular with websites, especially media focused sites. eZ Publish 4.3 contains a new module for User Generated Content supporting advanced commenting by end users:

  • Users can register and subscribe for notifications related to commenting activity
  • Self edition of comments, enabling a commenter to modify or delete their own comments, even if they are anonymous
  • Full comment control

The Commenting system is very flexible, allowing you to add form fields, captcha, change role permissions and templates.

Collaboration in eZ Publish

What's a WCM without a collaboration component? It is expected functionality these days. eZ provides collaboration through an extension called the TeamRoom. This collaboration portal offers a wealth of capabilities specific to project planning and management, including:

  • Creating and managing project teams around projects
  • Define and manage all aspects of a project from documentation to communication
  • Project specific knowledge bases that include not only documents, but other Enterprise 2.0 tools

But Wait, There's More

As we said, this is a milestone release. As such, there's a lot to eZ Publish 4.3 aside from bug fixes, improved documentation and the major enhancements listed above. What else is new?

  • eZ Find, eZ's answer to enterprise search now offers facets, better handling of multi-lingual content
  • eZ Script Monitor is a new extension offering background script processing
  • An improved LDAP handler
  • Improvements to modules eZ JS Core, eZ Multiupload and eZ Survey

There's also a new version of the iPhone Web Application. And speaking of the iPhone, don't forget eZ's announcement of a new upcoming Mobile WCM toolkit for both the iPhone and the iPad. You can read the details of that toolkit in our article: eZ Systems Targets iPhone, iPad Publishing with Mobile WCM Toolkit, Services.

It's obviously that eZ sees the value in not only providing mobile access to their WCM via their own mobile apps, but also enabling others to develop mobile applications that access content and functionality within eZ Publish.


eZ Publish publishing interfaces

eZ Publish 4.3 is available today and eZ is already hard at work on the next release of eZ Publish due out in September. We can't tell you what's coming, but we can tell you the roadmap will be updated soon. For now, take a closer look at what eZ Publish 4.3 can do for you: