Hannon Hill 6.4 Features Connectors for Twitter, WordPress
Hannon Hill (news, site) goes all social with its latest update for Cascade Server CMS, offering access to Twitter and WordPress with more to follow.

Tweet and Type Away

It is the Twitter and WordPress features that are the highlights of this release, allowing users to automatically send tweets notifying followers of published content on a site.

Morgan Griffith, Hannon Hill's Marketing Director says, "Instead of having to manually post a tweet each time a new press release or blog is published, Cascade Server sends a personalized Twitter tweet with appropriate hashtags and page title from behind the scenes."

The WordPress connector allows users to synchronize that content in WordPress pages with a high degree of automation.

Easing XML Development

In response to user requests, the latest version of Hannon Hill's flagship XML-based Web CMS Cascade Server product adds a host of new features including support for corporate bloggers and tweeters. It also updates the core system with a drag-and-drop data definition builder, content comparison engine and syntax highlighter.

Learning Opportunities

The comparison engine provides greater detail when looking at original and later versions of pages while the syntax highlighter helps make code easier to read.

The drag and drop tool allows users to create data definitions by moving elements in the content area and assigning fields from pop up menus as opposed to entering XML code directly.

Another new feature is an admin broadcast message tool which allows managers to warn users of events, such as reboots and other issues. The messages appear at the top of the screen and need to be removed by the user. This replaces the need for sending group emails or IMs.

This release spent around six weeks in beta and is aimed at mid-sized business in need of websites, intranets or extranets and is offered on per-CPU pricing.