Bridgeline Digital's (newssite) latest version of iAPPS Web CMS eases the content approval workflow process for those on the go.

Incorporating Email into Content Approval

The most significant enhancement to iAPPS 4.1 is related to content approval. Now, instead of having to log into the iAPPS Administration interface to view and approve/reject content changes, content reviewers can work directly within their email.


As you can see in the above screenshot, the email includes an embedded screenshot of the content that is to be approved. This allows someone to quickly scan the content and then either approve or reject the changes.

This enhancement supports both those who do not spend a great deal of time in the CMS administration and those who are working remotely and only have access via mobile (of course you do have to wonder how easily the screenshot in the email is to see on a mobile device).

Additional Content Administrator Support

Along with about 20 other improvements that include enhancements to Blogs, Forms, and Styles Libraries, there are additional improvements for content administrators:

  • Updating Links: iAPPS 4.1 now provides the ability to automatically update links in content that is renamed or moved.
  • SEO Improvements: Blog and Product detail pages are now added to the sitemap.xml file improving SEO.
  • Code Snippets: You can now create code snippets for common functions that you want to make available on various pages. Add these snippets to the Editing toolbar, providing content creators the ability to add the snippets to their pages and focus on the core content.

Add to that the ability to preview a template and easily find and replace text in page and you can see the improvements to this latest release of iAPPS 4.1 will make the lives of content administrators a little bit easier.