immediacy 6.1 release
Alterian, an integrated marketing platform provider, released the upgraded Immediacy WCMs 6.1. In its latest version, Immediacy features Language Pack capabilities enabling users to work in their local language preference. Release 6.1 also utilizes many of the latest web technology standards, including AJAX, and improved performance “to blistering levels.”

Immediacy 6.1 New Localized GUI

Immediacy 6.1 has a new localized editor interface that is easier to use for organizations in non-English speaking countries. Core plug-ins can now produce output in any chosen language, out-of-the-box, which makes it much more straightforward to produce websites in different languages. Multinational organizations can also take advantage of a range of language and location specific elements that enable multilingual versions of a website to be used concurrently in multiple locations.

Immediacy 6.1 New Features

Alterian says that v6.1 is the result of more than 50 customer requests for product enhancements, including:* New search feature* Faster spell checker* Media plug-in with support for the Flash video media file type* Enhanced security and consistency of the applicationImmediacy WCMs 6.1 also includes a new version of SharePoint Connector. This has been developed to fully support SharePoint document libraries and to provide the following extra functionality for Intranets and public-facing web sites: * Document libraries and folders can be displayed in Immediacy-powered sites, and users can view and download documents from those libraries* Icons to show file types* Support for read-only fields* Users can easily navigate from one folder to another with SharePoint’s breadcrumb control* New documents can be imported into SharePoint libraries from Immediacy-powered sites* List attachments can be viewed, downloaded, added or removedLike the rest of Immediacy WCMs 6.1, the SharePoint Connector interface is multilingual ready.

Alterian Flashbacks

In July 2008, Alterian announced that it had completed the acquisition of a Web CMS provider Mediasurface. Both Immediacy and Morello WCM product lines were part of the acquisition. David Eldridge, Alterian’s CEO said: “The strength of the Immediacy WCM product range was a real factor in the Alterian Mediasurface acquisition.”Immediacy 6.1 is the first product update released since then, and takes into account direct feedback from users of previous versions of Immediacy. Despite the debates on whether the acquisition would be a positive thing for either company, Alterian seems to be having a smooth sail in the WCM waters. That’s until the wind changes.