Ingeniux: Our CMS Platform 'Leapfrogs' ASP.NET Market

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The Web Content Management (WCM) world was shaken up last week when Forrester Research came out with its first Wave report on the space in two years.

"Web content management software has become the technology and content delivery backbone of digital experiences," Forrester researchers wrote in their report. 

Forrester reviewed 10 CMS vendors. But what about the rest? We've tracked a few more, including Ingeniux. Fresh off its fall release of Ingeniux CMS 9, the Seattle-based company plans a "major update" to the CMS application user interface this year.

"The Ingeniux platform continues to evolve," said David Hillis, vice president of business development for Ingeniux. "We have major enhancements and updates planed for all of our products. What makes it exciting is the evolution of our industry and customer needs. We feel that Ingeniux is really well positioned on a number of areas."

2015 and Beyond

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In the city whose team coughed up a chance for a second straight Super Bowl on a bad call, Ingeniux CMS plans to make the right ones in 2015.

Hillis claimed the 15-year-old company has a "big head start in the cloud." Their latest CMS -- version 9 -- "leap-frogs the ASP.NET CMS market by releasing a true three-tier ASP.NET MVC application with CMS 9."

In version 9, Ingeniux added the schema-free NoSQL repository that supports management of any type of structured and unstructured content within the CMS application. The platform revamps the content repository with a "true" NoSQL content database and delivers a number of key enhancements for mobile, search, and other areas, Hillis added.

Learning Opportunities

In 2015, Hillis said the organization will continue to invest in “ubiquitous content” capabilities updating how it manages assets as well as import and sync of external content and data sources. Hillis cited its LiveSync connector for Salesforce.com, Dynamics, Active Directly and PeopleSoft as examples. 

'Unpackaged' Web CMS

On an industry level, Hillis sees the Web CMS space becoming "unpackaged." He told CMSWire that content marketing, for instance, goes beyond traditional web publishing and supports a more federated content model.

2015-12-February-Ingeniux page-builder.jpg

"Marketing automation systems now deliver," he added, "a lot of the functionality that would be traditionally associated with a web experience management or CMS application. Rather than push against these trends, we need to embrace them by supporting a more agile content model and providing a more open platform that works with other applications and types of content. CMS vendors need to find their place in the digital ecosystem."  

Ingeniux is investing in the Microsoft Azure Cloud by providing capabilities for managing Ingeniux sites and content within Azure. The cloud is a game-changer, Hillis added, because it changes how we deploy websites and applications. 

"This impacts everything from how we design our software, how we price our service and support, to how we support customers and deliver our managed services," Hillis said.

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