Interwoven, LiveSite New Targeting Features
Interwoven released an enhanced version of Interwoven MediaBin. The company's flagship Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution is now faster, more interactive and allows for better control for managing and deploying rich media assets. Some of the enhancements are quite expected, while others just don't make much sense.Designed with marketers in mind, the new Interwoven MediaBin version 4.6.2 will help them face today’s challenges of efficiently creating, managing and delivering multi-channel content: be it from multiple sources or in multiple formats. The challenge of maintaining consistent branding and messaging is also something that Interwoven aims to address with its MediaBin. "We look forward to exploring the enhancements in the latest version of MediaBin, as we continue to roll out DAM with our clients, and benefiting from Interwoven's continued commitment to innovation in this field," said Kim Nielsen of a consulting firm e-Memento.

What’s New in the Bin?

Key enhancements to MediaBin include: * Dynamic cropping: The MediaBin Web client now incorporates a dynamic, visually interactive tool to enable users to crop images prior to downloading. Batch operations for cropping and downloading multiple images may also be preformed. * Watermarking assets on retrieval: Digital rights management is not overlooked either by automating the application of a watermark to specified images on retrieval from MediaBin. * Flash video and FLV preview support: As FLV videos are uploaded into MediaBin, preview storyboards will be generated from these assets to provide a frame-by-frame preview. * Flash formats icons: FLA and SWF files now appear in MediaBin with corresponding icons to distinguish them from other asset types. * Asset expiration management: Digital assets with an expiration date assigned to them will now be moved automatically to a fixed, system-wide folder. * DNG asset management: Digital Negative File (DNG) assets can be retrieved in their original format, archived and converted to a neutral format for repurposing. * Metadata support for GeoTag metadata that is included in the EXIF format from certain image sources. * MS Exchange integration to simplify the task of e-mailing assets to individual or multiple recipients and the ability to e-mail URLs that point directly to MediaBin assets or folders.

Saving Time and Money

Customers using Interwoven's DAM solution combined with Interwoven TeamSite can benefit from pulling assets from the same centralized location, regardless of the channel this asset will be used for. This centralization and automation of image production should save users some of that precious time that goes into creating and managing content. "Interwoven is committed to empowering our customers across the entire online marketing cycle," said Seth Rosenblatt, vice president of product marketing for Interwoven's Web solutions.

Keep on Weaving

With nearly 4,400 customers, Interwoven continues to work hard to stay in its orbit in the Web CMS universe. While the enhancements to MediaBin are something that’s expected and nothing out of the ordinary, the users will probably find them useful. We can’t help but wonder, though, as to the purpose of the MS Exchange integration. Why would anyone want to e-mail assets around and create even more clutter in their inboxes? Isn’t that exactly the reason why we turn to content, document and digital asset management tools for help so to feng-shui our inboxes and file folders? Is e-mailing assets around a new form of workflow? There’s gotta be a really good reason for that integration that we just can’t think of at the moment. E-mailing the assets' URLs, on the other hand, could be handy. Then again, a simple search function should probably suffice to accomplish the same task.