Jadu bridges the 'skills gap' between PHP and .Net

Jadu, the Web Content Management vendor, has released a product that will help bridge the gap between PHP and .NET software development languages. The company's Phalanger PHP compiler will allow PHP applications to be compiled into the .NET framework.

This new product from Jadu will help bridge the gap between .NET, a common application framework found in corporate environments, and PHP, the most popular web programming language found on open source web services on the Internet. As a result, companies should be able to shave off application development costs.

The Need To Integrate PHP and .NET

For those unfamiliar with software programming, there are two major camps when it comes to web software. Microsoft's .NET is a powerful programming framework and powers many internal enterprise applications inside corporations. On the other hand, on the Internet where open source technologies power many of the most popular web services, PHP is the most popular programming language.

Jadu's Phalanger system enables developers to compile PHP applications and allow them to run natively in the .NET framework. As a result, if a company wants to bring a PHP application into the enterprise already running .NET applications, using Phalanger they can integrate the two applications. Before Phalanger was released, PHP and .NET applications were completely incompatible.

Getting Geeky

With Phalanger, application developers can use the Jadu CMS framework to write code in C# or VB.NET and still utilize the power of PHP-based applications such as WordPress blogging software or MediaWiki, the software that powers WikiPedia. 

This development will give companies new possibilities in software development. According to Suraj Kika, CEO of Jadu, "When we found Phalanger, it opened up a powerful and innovative way to work across platforms. At Jadu, our core development strategy is to develop truly agnostic, cross-platform technologies -- usable by anyone and any organization."

A New World of Possibilities

If the Jadu Phalanger product works as promised, this opens up a new world of possibilities for application development inside corporations. Now application developers can blend the capabilities of the PHP and .NET worlds to create dynamite Jadu-powered websites. Also, managers can hire application developers who have a mix of skills bringing diversity to their application development teams.