In the competitive landscape of web content management, having the latest features can be a major advantage, so kudos to Jadu (news, site) for being the first to claim an integrated Twitter module in its Web CMS.

Getting Even More Social

UK-based company Jadu clearly has its eye on integrating the social aspects of the web. Late last year, the vendor introduced Jadu 1.8 (Clearwater) with its social computing capabilities and tools for managing rich media like movies, audio and hi-res images to embolden the content stored on the system.

Now, Jadu customers can use the immensely popular Twitter service to tweet directly from the CMS, where messages can be stored, logged and (top of the pile of features) monitored to help users watch for angry or happy tweets and manage their brands.

This allows unhappy customers to be dealt with rapidly, while positive tweets can be used to help promote the brand, or pass on positive messages. The module also incorporates search, re-tweet and saved drafts capabilities, along with workflow (for high levels of transparency and control) and e-mail support. API calls can be cached and requests are monitored.

Speeding Up Interaction

The Twitter module is available as a free plug-in for the Jadu CMS users. Jadu targets the module to its customer base of many UK local government organizations, universities and businesses with three specific products for each sector.

In the first two categories, the concept of local residents or students filing feedback or complaints by tweet is rather inspiring. Businesses have already seen the value of Twitter and with other commercial systems like Salesforce adding Twitter support, it can only be a matter of time before the feature is seen as an essential selling point in any CMS system.

Jadu looks add ties to other social media platforms in the near future. According to Suraj Kika, CEO of Jadu, "The development of the Jadu CMS Client for Twitter is another step towards bringing social networking and Enterprise 2.0 content management together. Rather than have a disparate collection of web communications tools, our approach is to bring these into one platform, which can be easily managed by non-technical users. This framework will be extended with other social networks in the coming months."

If you fancy taking a peek at Jadu and talking to representatives about the product, the company will be attending the Internet World Show at London's Earls Court on 28-30 April, 2009.