Jadu Updates Web CMS with Social Computing

Jadu, a UK-based web content management company, has released an updated version of its namesake product, Jadu CMS. With version 1.8 Jadu focuses on delivering and managing content combined with social computing capabilities.

There is a slew of new features and capabilities to highlight.  For starters, Jadu 1.8 (codenamed Clearwater) introduces the idea of Jadu Directories -- key component of the new CMS platform. Looking to allow advanced functionality use by non-technical users, the Web CMS offers the use of directories to deliver database and directory information. Directories can be configured to pull data from outside data sources, including spreadsheets or other databases.

New Features Abound

In addition to Jadu Directories, Jadu CMS 1.8 includes a new web asset management tool. This asset manager will enable users to manage media such as movies, audio files and high-resolution images inside Jadu CMS. In fact, if you upload a movie file from your camera or desktop, the Jadu CMS asset manager will automatically convert them to Flash video for easy consumption within the CMS. Additionally, you can use digital assets such as audio files to publish podcasts (which are gaining more popularity inside organizations) or embed them into existing documents in the CMS.


Jadu Multimedia Preview

Jadu CMS Asset Manager

Every user of a Jadu-powered website will be happy to know Clearwater makes building friendly URLs fast and easy. With Jadu 1.7, readable URLs were available on a page-by-page basis. But with Clearwater, human-readable URLs are utilized continuously throughout the system.

Also, for the system administrators, Jadu CMS 1.8 includes the ability to interface with LDAP and Active Directory out of the box. This feature has been included to a lesser degree in an earlier release.

On the search side, a new feature called Rupa Lite will enable Jadu CMS 1.8 users to integrate with Google Search Appliance or Google Mini for better search results. Rupa Lite provides a unified location for searching across your company's websites and other sites around the web. With Rupa Lite and a Google search server, Jadu users can configure all search crawlers and content caches inside an easy-to-use interface.



Jadu CMS Rupa Lite Search Interface

"Hacking" the System With "MyJadu API"

Jadu has also welcomed developers to extend the content management system and customize it to their needs. With the inclusion of the "MyJadu API", companies can write their own custom applications on top of the Jadu Content Management System. This is powerful because IT departments can now facilitate development that can utilize the rich media components and standard content inside Jadu.  As an example, Jadu features a MyJadu API-powered application that empowers an iPhone application.

Jadu iPhone Mashup

Lots to Love in This Release

In this release, the UK company has released what looks to be a pretty feature-rich Web CMS. With today's businesses looking to utilize rich media and also pull in data from various sources, Clearwater presents an intriguing package for collecting and presenting this data to website users.

Have you had any experience with Jadu CMS 1.8?  We look forward to seeing your comments!