The spring has sprung, Magnolia blooms again. No, this is not another installation of #CMShaiku contest; it’s a release of version 4.3 of Magnolia CMS (news, site) that brings new templating capabilities designed for multi-language/multi-site content management scenarios, support for Groovy and Magnolia Store for modules management.

Content Localization

In the latest release of Magnolia CMS youwill see more abilities to translate content into various languages and localize content.

Configuring and managing localized content has beenenhanced to add available locales and languages to the drop-down adminbar.

Content editors can use that drop-down menu to select whichlanguage version they want to edit.

In addition, users can add manyother languages that can be maintained from the same site tree. Mappingdomains to language is another feature that may come in handy.

i18n dialog Deutsch.jpg

i18n Dialog in German

Inmulti-lingual dialogs, users can mark a dialog field as i18n-aware byadding an i18n node-data to its definition. For every field marked asi18n-aware, Magnolia CMS will create the necessary data structures foreach supported language.

Multi-Site Support

The latest releasebrings the ability to display the same content with a different layoutusing a different CSS. All it takes is defining a theme that uses thatparticular CSS and assigning a domain for that theme to be applied to.

magnolia cms multisite management.jpg

Magnolia CMS Multi-site Management

Inaddition, Magnolia 4.3 admins now can control security by assigningspecific editors to specific domains, where they can only see and editcertain parts of the content structure.

Learning Opportunities

Magnolia Store

Thevendor calls this feature “the one stop shop for administrators anddevelopers of Magnolia CMS.”

In essence, this feature provides asortable list of already installed modules in your system and newmodules available from Magnolia and its partners. If upgrades areavailable, detailed information about version number, the download andpricing is available.


Magnolia Store

Support for Groovy

Those of you usingGroovy -- a dynamic language running on the Java stack -- will be pleasedto know that Magnolia 4.3 offers support for Groovy on a system-widelevel. The idea here is to foster agile development, as Groovy doesn’tneed to be compiled, deployed with server restarts like Java, forexample.


GroovyCode Snippet

To get the free Groovy module, go to Magnolia Store toget a bundled ZIP. Follow installation instructions, and you should seenew Scripts and Groovy Console items in AdminCentral > Tools.

Some additional features and videocasts can be found here.