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Commerce and Kiwis are two wonderful things that just aren’t paired together often enough. ITema, Inc. has thankfully addressed this issue, at least in name, by releasing to the open source community KiweeCommerce, an e-commerce module for the MODx content management system.KiweeCommerce, distributed under the GNU General Public License, is a full-featured e-commerce module that includes extensive product configuration and options management tools, tax and discount rate tables, and support for PayPal, Google Checkout and Authorize.Net payment gateways. The module is tightly integrated into MODx, making it easier for business owners to maintain their own product catalogs. MODx, an open source Web Content Management System and PHP Application Framework, is a great fit for KiweeCommerce because of the high amount of control and flexibility it offers its users. Administrators can easily configure and manage KiweeCommerce through menus in the MODx CMS Manager. The developers of KiweeCommerce kept external application integration in mind, allowing transactions to be posted to audit tables which external applications can poll to enable integration. This means that one could set up automatic sales order posting to an accounting or customer relationship management system. This support for integration, while not essential to functionality, makes it much easier for developers to add extra functionality when so desired. MODx Back Office with KiweeCommerce
MODx Web CMS with kiweeCommerce
Itema, a new player on the block, was recently founded this February. Their goal is to address the technology gap faced by small businesses, which their Blackbird ESB and KiweeCommerce module both work toward doing. They are now planning a September release of a commercial, “on-demand” software service for small business that will integrate popular applications into one complete solution. KiweeCommerce is available for immediate download by Open Source developers at their website. It conveniently includes a self-installer which makes it easy to add it to an existing Web site. Full support is provided with the available commercial license, if desired.