Digital Asset Management (DAM) software provider Canto is partnering with Magnolia CMS's Java Open Source platform. The goal is to integrate digital assets into websites and apps and avoid what company officials call duplicates and versioning of assets across all marketing channels.

"The partnership primarily targets creative marketing teams who routinely create compelling, visually attractive campaigns," said Jan Haderka, CIO at Basel, Switzerland-based Magnolia International Ltd, which staffs 70 and has 200 enterprise clients. "Job roles that the integration serves include web editors, digital asset managers, social and marketing communication experts and campaign project leads."

The news comes about two months after Magnolia CMS teamed with a European digital platform provider on a cloud implementation of the open source content management platform.

The partnership speaks to a CMS trend: in September, Sitecore announced its website editors can use Picturepark DAM systems to find and place digital assets onto websites. Earlier in the summer, Sitecore partnered with DAM provider ADAM Software.

The Breakdown

What do officials claim this partnership with solve for the technology users?

  • The need for a central system for the management and distribution of media files
  • Clear roles and rights management
  • Digital rights management: licenses of web content can be documented and managed in Cumulus (Canto's DAM platform) through automated workflows, content is taken offline when the license is no longer valid
  • Corporate design compliant brand management
  • Fast ROI due to optimized workflows, efficient and time-­saving search
  • Fewer errors, due to automatized workflows
  • Independent creative campaigns: teams can integrate digital assets such as photos, videos and infographics into their page content to create a rich, inspiring experiences for their visitors

"We’ve worked in the same customer segments for years," Lucas Schnabel, business development manager at Berlin, Germany-based Canto, the 65-staffed, 2,500-customer organization that claims to be the inventor of the DAM space.

"Both our companies have a similar approach to business, so the integration of the two systems adds extra value for many of our common customers. We quickly realized that we speak the same language in terms of technology and, therefore, an integration between systems was rather easy to achieve."

Learning Opportunities

The integration is free for customers using the enterprise editions of Magnolia and Cumulus.

Open-Suite Approach

Officials at each company boasted over Magnolia CMS's "open suite approach," through which Magnolia's Haderka said you can "build your digital presence step by ­step, and at each step benefit from what you have already invested."

web cms, More DAM Integration: This Time, It's Magnolia CMS

After building a main site on the Magnolia CMS platform, users can add microsites, mobile sites or country specific sites from within Magnolia CMS and later integrate an existing CRM. 

"This approach enables you to gradually build your online infrastructure and focus on the most promising next step," Haderka said, "while adapting to change by replacing outdated components with best ­of breed innovations as they come to market."