Sitecore Ups DAM Ante, Partners with Picturepark

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Sitecore is boosting the role of digital asset management (DAM) in its web content management system (WCMS) offerings.

Earlier this summer, the CMS provider of customer experience management formed a partnership with DAM vendor ADAM Software. The alliance aimed to integrate ADAM's ability to bring up the correct version of media files with Sitecore's workflow aimed toward specific targets, like a social media ad campaign in a specific country.

Today, the company announced Sitecore website editors can also use Picturepark DAM systems to find and place digital assets onto websites. Picturepark offers on-the-fly image editing, live link updates and Adaptive Metadata management, according to officials at the Aarau, Switzerland-based provider.

Gaining Steam

Sitecore is keeping busy heading into its annual summit in Las Vegas next week. 

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Sitecore executives reported last month they have the first enterprise-grade .NET customer experience management solution with fully integrated commerce functionality. They are blending real time digital marketing with enterprise commerce.

The Copenhagen, Denmark-based company's Sitecore Commerce includes personalization, relevant digital experiences and customer lifecyle in a single, connected platform, in line with the all-in-one engine that Sitecore touts.

And then came the ADAM partnership, which Sitecore Chief Strategy Officer Darren Guarnaccia said "empowers marketers to produce better content faster by providing them with a streamlined command of their production process."

Learning Opportunities

'Better' DAM

Today it's Picturepark, whose CEO calls the Sitecore partnership the "most fully-featured CMS connector we’ve ever built.”

“Our aim," CEO Ramon Forster added in a statement, "wasn’t to build just another Sitecore DAM connector; we wanted to offer Sitecore users a better digital asset management user experience, and this is what we’ve done.”

The technology is built atop the Microsoft .NET framework.  

“Sitecore customers benefit when they can share digital asset collections between Sitecore and other business systems,” Guarnaccia stated today. “Picturepark extends our current DAM connectivity options and, with Adaptive Metadata, provides something unique that I think our users will appreciate.”

According to officials, some features include asset search, browse, preview and select all from a single Sitecore window. The Picturepark Image Editor crops, scales or otherwise modifies assets before they’re sent to Sitecore.

Updated files and metadata can be pushed to Sitecore, manually or automatically.