Sitecore's acquisition of is getting its wings.

Now, Sitecore officials report, they have the first enterprise-grade .NET customer experience management solution with fully integrated commerce functionality. They are blending real time digital marketing with enterprise commerce.

The San Francisco-based company today released an "early access program" for its new platform, Sitecore Commerce. The capabilities Sitecore officials described -- personalization, relevant digital experiences, customer lifecyle, single, connected platform -- are in line with the all-in-one engine that Sitecore touts.

"Following the acquisition of last November, Sitecore has blended real-time digital marketing with powerful enterprise commerce," Mark Floisand, vice president of product marketing at Sitecore, told CMSWire. "We're also working closely with Microsoft Dynamics AX to build an omni-channel commerce offering built for retailers who need to bridge the gap between in-store and digital experiences."

Why This Product?

Floisand boasted about Sitecore Commerce being the first enterprise-grade .NET customer experience management solution with fully integrated commerce functionality.

customer experience, Sitecore Marries .NET Customer Experience and E-Commerce

"Marketers and retailers will benefit," he said, "from a single, connected administration. All of their product catalog information will be easily accessible, and they won't have to worry about data duplication or synchronization hassles. They'll also benefit from centralized content and campaigns, so they can easily search and edit all assets, and view insights from all touch points to assess conversions and customer value."

It's also built to meet demanding enterprise commerce needs, he added.

Learning Opportunities

"Its performance throughput and robust systems can meet seasonal shopping peaks and other high-demand instances," Floisand said. "Sitecore Commerce is also highly flexible: developers can build customized environments to meet their specific brand needs and create an authentic, unique shopping experience unique shopping experiences instead of relying on templates."

Sitecore is making the finished product available now to a small group of “early access” customers. It will be generally available in September. Floisand said Sitecore will demo Sitecore Commerce from Sitecore Symposium.

E-Commerce with CXM

E-commerce has traditionally been a transactional experience, Floisand said, with no connection between retail, content management and digital marketing systems.

"Sitecore Commerce brings these systems together so marketers and merchandisers can deliver personalized, context-aware digital experiences with the degree of relevance that shoppers expect from an in-store experience," he added. 

Price wise, Floisand said, interested Sitecore and former Commerce Server customers should contact their Sitecore account managers.