DotNetNuke Corporation Raises Series A Capital

DotNetNuke is on the move. Not only have they picked up some serious cash through some Series A Funding -- the amount of which they don't seem to want to disclose -- but they have also brought in a new CEO, Navin Nagiah, to run the show.

With over 10 years experience in the role of CEO or General Manager of various software/technology companies and the expectation is that he will help drive the market expansion of DotNetNuke.

Nagiah will take over from Nik Kalyani and will join Shaun Walker, creator and Chief Architect of the open source .Net CMS on the Board of Directors.

Apparently Kalyani is not going away, but shifting his focus to product innovation as the Director of Products and Strategy.

Winning Awards

DotNetNuke is the most well-known .net CMS is based on open source technologies and just recently won third place in the Packt Pub Open Source Web CMS Awards for Best Other Open Source CMS.

New Professional Edition of the Web CMS

The latest version of DotNetNuke was the Professional Edition announced in early November. This is the first commercially available version of DotNetNuke, which will include the mature DotNetNuke 4.9 core release and essential modules for rapidly creating highly interactive content-rich Web sites and applications.

"Having a commercially supported distribution of DotNetNuke is an essential step in the business maturation of the DotNetNuke open source project," said Shaun Walker, DotNetNuke Corporation Chief Architect and DotNetNuke creator. "In order for professional organizations to realize the true benefit of open source software, they need the same accountability and assurance which they have come to expect from traditional software."

The Professional Edition subscription is available to a select group of customer right now and is expected to be released publicly in early 2009.