Percussion CM System 6.7

Percussion Software (news, site) released CM System 6.7. If the product name doesn’t sound familiar, get a little background here on the rebranding move that took place when version 6.6 came out.

So, what’s new in 6.7 you ask? It is all about the package.

Moving From 6.6. to 6.7

Percussion’s CM System 6.6 was focused largely on quick changes to content and presentation by business users. Some new features were introduced back in March: linkback, purpose-build UI, Publish Now, Lucene search, faster publish.

In 6.7, you will also see some new features, including Package Builder, Package Installer, Package Manager.

Packaging It Up

The new release is all about packaging and modularity in regards to chunks of the CM System capabilities.

In Percussion CM System 6.7, you should be able to encapsulate custom CMS application functionality into modular, upgradeable packages, which can be configured and re-used. You can also combine these packages with other packages, allowing a building-block approach to the web content management system.

According to the vendor, Percussion’s packaging tool is what differentiates them from competition in the WCM market.

Using the packaging tool, users can encapsulate chunks of re-usable Percussion WCM implementation and create packages around discrete capabilities -- such as a list box, an image gallery, or event calendar.

Furthermore, you can designate configuration values (such as creating an accordion feature in the list box or a standard tab format) and allow the implementer to configure them after deployment. This way, the package can be upgraded without losing the embedded configuration.

Focusing on Partners

Attractive packaging for customers is also appealing to partners. “For the first time, partners can package their vertical domain expertise into a product offering, instead of one-off, custom code,” said Scott Durgin, EVP products and strategy at Percussion.

Percussion says partners will be able to build once and sell many times, resulting in higher margins.

Percussion Package Open Fair

With this new packaging ability, Percussion wants customers and partners to be able to exchange application packages. They can sell/buy from each other in an a la open source mode.