Platformic has gone social. The online web development environment (OWDE) that mixes content and design has launched SocialSite, a social media platform.

Designed as an integrated social media creation environment aimed at helping companies build highly customizable, complex user communities, SocialSite can be set up to combine social networking and social media functionality into any Platformic Enterprise website without requiring code, ftp, manual style sheets or JavaScript.

Social Media Integration, Unlimited Potential Unleashed

As more and more companies recognize the potential that social media holds for building brand loyalty and strong customer relationships, it’s not surprising that Platformic is making social media integration available.

Available now to all current clients, companies have many ways to engage users from letting them create user profiles, blog, comment and recommend content to other users, to adding rich media, such as photo galleries and video.

All user generated content (UGC), like comments and recommendations, is searchable via Platformic’s SiteSearch with filtering options like category, most recent, most popular and most recommended.

Creating Engaging Experiences for Users and Admin

SocialSite will make many site administrators happy as it doesn’t require them to embed code or fiddle with the backend. Instead, user admins can place SocialSite modules on any page and configure how user content can be displayed and integrated into the website without writing a single line of code.

As more and more laymen take over the management of websites (as they should), Platformic makes it much easier for them to be involved with customer-enhancing experiences, ultimately enhancing the involvement of webmasters on a site.

Once again, like mobile blogging and its Embedded Content Tool, before it, Platformic has demonstrated its commitment to providing customizable, user friendly tools that promote useful web experiences for users and administrators alike.