Semantic Project Update: Interactive Knowledge Stack

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The Interactive Knowledge Stack, or IKS, has reached its second year. In that time they've made promising headway, but like the rest of the semantic web, they're really just getting started.

What is the IKS?

The IKS project's goal is to provide an open source technology stack for adding semantic web features to existing open source content management systems. This technology stack consists of the IKS semantic engine, which might connect to any given CMS through a RESTful interface.

You can learn more about this engine through the "IKS semantic engine - a pragmatic's view" slide deck, as shown here:
The IKS RESTful semantic engine - let's get started!

View more presentations from bdelacretaz.

What Did The IKS Accomplish In 2009?

In their first year, the IKS focused on growing their community and building out requirements. According to the project, progress was made in six areas:

  • Two workshops, the first to gather requirements, the second on semantic search
  • Creation of seven benchmark exercises for CMS providers
  • Open source semantic search Research and Technology Development (RTD) accessible in Google Code
  • Over 200 "high-level application independent requirements" for semantic CMS needs
  • Use cases for semantic CMS in ERP and Project Controlling
  • Use cases for equipping the "Ambient Bathroom" to demonstrate embedded interactive knowledge management

Coming for 2010

As mentioned in the six progress areas, one accomplishment of 2009 was to publish a document on semantic benchmarking for CMS. According to the project, participating groups are working on demos to answer the benchmark questions for their own CMS projects. Once they have this information, they'll evaluate current semantic capabilities and use that information to guide further enhancements and development. A wiki will contain "a more comprehensive list of requirements" when ready.

Learning Opportunities

This year, design and development beings on the IKS reference implementation. At least two more workshops are on the way, with one planned to co-locate with an industrial conference and another to overlap another major event.

You can see both met and planned milestones on the IKS Documentation page.