Web CMS vendor (and the latest J. Boye Web Idol winner) Sitecore (news, site) integrated its content management system with Telligent Community -- a platform for social content, interactive communities, collaboration and social analytics.

In the name of online engagement, community collaboration and traffic increase, Sitecore integrated with Telligent’s (news, site) functionality to allow for web content to be leveraged in online communities and to “…enhance the way Telligent Community enables organizations to interact with their customers,” according to Patrick Brandt, Telligent CEO.

On the Sitecore side, the integration package aims to provide centralized security (using single sign-on) and a way to manage content in both Sitecore and Telligent. Let’s note that both are technologically compatible, Microsoft .NET products.

The security integration allows for central user management: i.e. users only need to be created in Sitecore CMS and are automatically transferred to Telligent Community after their first login.

Learning Opportunities

“Creating more channels for customer engagement is the natural evolution of CMS software,” said Darren Guarnaccia, VP product marketing, Sitecore.

The content management side of the integration allows users to mix and match social media applications and web content, while being able to repurpose content for Telligent Community’s online social networking, forums, blogs and multimedia galleries in Sitecore sites. Social content can be used as is, or filtered based on a user’s rights and group memberships.