Systems Alliance (news, site), maker of SiteExecutive (news, site), has recently announced the release of Enhancement Pack 1 (EP1), which adds a social dimension to SiteExecutive 2011. The update should provide integration with Twitter and Facebook, and provides enhancements in the Blog, Calendar, Profile Directory and other core CMS applications.

Social Media Integration

Systems Alliance highlights the social media integration features in SiteExecutive 2011 EP1. These give users the ability to more effectively use social networks such as Twitter and Facebook in engaging the audience. Among the new functionalities, EP1 includes the following:

  • Tweet This button pushes content to a predefined user account
  • Twitter Feeds enables managers to aggregate and update Twitter feeds based on pre-defined criteria; users have the option of removing unwanted tweets and live-streaming Twitter feeds
  • Facebook Like Box & Button enable visitors to "like" and share the content with their Facebook network; likewise, managers have the option of displaying the Facebook box, which highlights profile pictures of users who have liked your page

EP1 also incorporates other Facebook features, namely Facebook Recommendations, Facebook Comments and "Facepile," which displays profiles of users who have liked the page. Systems Alliance ensures the best and fastest means of accessing Facebook and Twitter data, with the use of Open Graph protocol and the Twitter API, respectively, for secure and fast communication with the source social network.

Improved Visitor Engagement, Accessibility, Usability

SiteExecutive 2011 should provide users a better visitor experience, with additional enhancements. New features include:

  • Event registration tracking, which helps managers track and limit the number of registrants in an event
  • Blog enhancements, including a re-skinning, which will reduce the effort required for designing, styling and deploying blogs over SiteExecutive websites
  • Pre-built profiles, which will help speed the creation of online directories for educational institutions
  • Video gallery enhancements, including unlimited Vimeo access and HTML 5 support.

EP1 will also provide better accessibility compliance, which includes new tag attributes and a modification to the Form Building module. This is aimed at providing alternative access to information, particularly for accessible devices. Likewise, SiteExecutive's WYSIWYG functionality has been enhanced with editor modifications aimed at improving usability. A new set of APIs is also included in this release, to help developers build applications, enhancements and custom modules on top of SiteExecutive.

SiteExecutive is available as either an on-premise or SaaS model. Current clients can already download EP1 from the SiteExecutive Support Center, from which both Linux and Windows are available.