Clearly feeling optimistic, web content management system vendor, Ingeniux (news, site), has used the proceeds from recent, profitable quarters (and perhaps jumped on descending commercial rental prices) to relocate and expand operations, paving the way for future growth and perhaps even better margins.

Ingenuity Breeds Success

Ingeniux's solution mixes web content management and social media to provide attractive, interactive and manageable websites that keep customers engaged and their browsing habits meticulously monitored. The approach seems to be a successful one, as we reported back in April.

Boosted by this success, the company has invested in a new headquarters in downtown Seattle. The extra space will allow the business to expand and, the company claims, lead to improvements in its existing Cartella and CMS products. New digs = better software? We've heard stranger claims.

The Ingeniux Solution

Ingeniux offers a few different products, depending on a client's specific needs.

Ingeniux Cartella

Ingeniux Cartella is what the company calls their Social Content Management product. The solution enables you to build blogs, wikis,  video and image sharing on a single application framework. It sports real-time analytics, with which site managers can monitor visitor reaction and engagement levels, and adjust the content to improve the customer experience.


Ingeniux Cartella -- A Social Content Management Platform

The company asserts that Cartella delivers the best in social networking, web analytics, and content management to make social software fit business and IT needs, while making communities easy to manage, measure, and optimize.

Ingeniux CMS

Ingeniux CMS, currently in version 6.0, is an XML web content management system featuring WYSIWYG forms-based content editing, versioning, workflow, check-in/out, single sign-on, taxonomies and an up to date AJAX back office interface.

The presentation tier is flexible, supporting a range of server technologies, including ASP, .NET, PHP, CFM and JSP. The core of the system has API support for .NET, Java and COM.


Ingeniux CMS -- Content Editing Interface

Ingeniux On Demand

Ingeniux OnDemand, announced in September of 2008, is a hosted content management solution that delivers Ingeniux CMS as a software service. It includes the Ingeniux CMS software, fully managed hardware, technical support, network operations and website hosting. Pricing plans vary based on the amount of server resources required and the number of URLs deployed.

Where From, Ingeniux?

Ingeniux was launched in 1999 by the Microsoft team that created the MSNBC website. The company is now in its tenth year of operation, the company says it's different from other vendors in part as a result of its approach to 360 degree professional services. Part of the reason behind the recent expansion was to develop space for an in-house training center. Their new offices are located in the  Broadacres Building at Second and Pine streets in downtown Seattle.