Consolidated cloud-services system stalwart Zoho has launched a website builder to go along with its suite of other tools for CRM, DAM and mobile apps. Zoho Sites is available now in the Google Apps Marketplace, and the two main levels are a free version, and a US$ 40 per year option for up to six websites.

Non-technical Website Building for the Masses

By now, you're likely familiar with this format -- another easy website building tool where you don't need to know any coding to do it, right? But, this is a good thing! Yes, there are countless other website building tools out there, but it's not every day a company as large and ever-present as Zoho launches this kind of tool. That means anyone already using one of Zoho's many products will have little trouble integrating those tools with Zoho Sites, but also this is a good entry-level product for Zoho to use to expand to other industries. 


Zoho Sites includes a mobile site builder that directs mobile users to the optimized site.

In other words, SMBs that may not be looking for document, email or CRM support can use Zoho Sites, and then when they're ready, they can start adding on other services. It's a smart play by Zoho, and actually one we're surprised it hadn't come out with already. It could be it saw how much competition there already was in this space, and simply held off. The explosive proliferation of mobile devices likely influenced the decision to launch Zoho Sites because now more people than ever before are going online.

Learning Opportunities

The Tour

Zoho Sites makes use of familiar themes with its website builder, and that includes drag-and-drop design layouts, one-click publishing, simple form builders, templates and pre-made social media widgets. Furthermore, because Zoho sites is in available in Google's Marketplace, it's easy to sign into Zoho sites with a Google Apps login. There's about 35 website designs ready to plug in. Zoho even has some of them broken down by industry, so, there's suggested design templates for fashion, education, construction, nonprofit, health services and more. 

All the designs feature clean, minimalist looks, another reason the Google App integration makes sense. They both have that same feel. Again, this could be precisely the angle Zoho is looking at because for some companies, the only thing they want to start with is the website. If Zoho can provide that in an easy, low-cost way, it makes sense some of those companies will look again to Zoho for more advanced business needs. Tell us in the comments if your business started off with nothing more than a website, and what you thought of that process.