Autonomy Explore: Customer Interaction Analytics Covering All Channels

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Autonomy Explore: Customer Interaction Analytics Covering all Channels
Autonomy (news, site) unveiled a new tool called Autonomy Explore today. The “customer interaction analysis application” connects all customer touch points (Web, contact center, social media, e-mail, etc.). This way, users can develop a better understanding of each customer, customer segment, and the overall customer base.  

Autonomy Explore

Imagine how handy it would be to have an all-inclusive customer voice. Autonomy Explore aims to be exactly that by mashing together customer interactions, including: audio recordings, website visits, chat threads, survey responses, CRM records, blog posts and responses, product reviews, e-mail and documents, microblogs, social media status updates, wiki entries, videos, POS notes, transaction records, news articles, forum comments, mobile applications, self-service applications and traditional media.


Insight and Value

The point of this tool is mainly to track evolving sentiment over each channel. Autonomy’s example:
“The same customer that submitted a complaint to the contact center, searched for products on the company's web properties, and then commented about the company on Twitter, may have expressed different levels of satisfaction and used different terms through each channel.”

By essentially tracking them from point A to B, Autonomy Explore allows companies to engage with customers more effectively. Capabilities include:

Learning Opportunities

  • Contextual-based concept understanding: Goes beyond keyword-oriented mappings to form a deep understanding of concepts being communicated.
  • Related concept generation and idea distancing: Automatically categorizes concepts in relationship to one another.
  • Sentiment and vibe analysis: Can calculate and understand the emotion associated with each interaction asset and asset component.
  • Automated reporting and workflow: Customizable reporting and distribution.
  • Idea clouds and cluster map visualizations: Visualizations enable simple understanding of results.
  • Role-dependent views and access: Secure access to sensitive data.
  • Topic trending and automatic concepts: Time or duration-oriented topic reporting for mapping against campaign or competitor milestones.

Moreover, Autonomy Explore supports a broad range of business applications, including brand reputation management, customer experience analytics and real-time topic indexing.

"Autonomy Explore is an innovative solution that leverages our core strengths in understanding the meaning of all forms of information, as well as our market-leading web content management and contact center solutions, in order to help businesses develop more engaging and profitable customer relationships," said Andrew Joiner, CEO of Autonomy eTalk. "We have showcased Autonomy Explore at recent customer events around the world and have received rave reviews. Clearly Explore is the right solution for these times, where businesses must adapt across all channels at the same speed as their customers in order to maintain a competitive edge."

We’ll have to see about that. To consolidate your voices, check out the solution here

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