This week Google opened a new laboratory. Dubbed Ad Innovations, the experimental space is designed to encourage the exploration of new marketing technologies, and already comes with a load of interesting tools. A remarketing and analytics tool are among the first to be highlighted.   

Ad Innovations 

As Google puts it

Google Ad Innovations is a place for you to explore new marketing technologies. Watch demos, try the latest tools and share your thoughts to shape the future of advertising.

"The principle behind the advertising products we build at Google is simple: ads are information," said said Susan Wojcicki, Vice President, Product Management. "But the type of information that ads provide is getting more varied and inventive all the time, and as a result ads are getting more interesting, social and useful.

Enter Ad Innovations. Google hopes to connect with whatever direction advertising is moving in by providing a platform for the technologies that define it. "We’ve found that the best way to do that is to focus on the user, test new approaches regularly and listen closely to the feedback of the advertisers using our products," continued Wojcicki. 

The Highlights

The current offerings are broken down into four categories: Search, Display, Mobile and Measurement. Within each category live a couple solutions, including:

Search Funnels

Attention analytics fans, this one's for you. Search Funnels provides a set of reports describing the search ad click and impression behavior leading up to a conversion. This data can help marketers understand how users search for their products before converting, opening up doors to better optimization.  

See it in action: 


We all know marketers like to bug you long after you've visited their site, and Ad Innovation's Remarketing tool helps them with that endeavor. The tool combines keyword campaigns with remarketing, making it easier to popularize words that might not've been getting much attention otherwise:

 It's an interesting move on Google's part to say the least, and could mean a spoonful of trouble for competitors. In any case, we're excited to see both the good and just plain silly tools to be brewed, and you can keep up too by visiting the official Ad Innovations page