Microsoft Brings foursquare Everywhere to Bing
We first caught wind of Microsoft's efforts to improve the Bing search engine with new designs and foursquare integration toward the end of last week. Today, we've got details on the latter. 

foursquare Everywhere

The new Bing Maps app, foursquare Everywhere, pulls foursquare data into Bing Maps in order to visualize check-ins, tips, badges and other data from the foursquare APIs: 



foursquare Everywhere screenshots

The foursquare Everywhere app has been a popular feature among the foursquare community for some time now. It enables users to add places and check-in anywhere in the world. Its addition to Bing Maps enables Microsoft users to see nearby activity with the full real-time stream of foursquare data just to the left of the visual. foursquare users can also login if they wish, and the Bing Maps app will provide more contextual details. 

Most users will probably enjoy the stalking capabilities (kidding. kinda.), or the tips for popular nearby locations. Moreover, the application allows users to "auto-center the map on new updates" which means you can watch the map adjust as people appear on it in real-time all around the world.  

"The foursquare map app is a powerful combination of the spatial canvas that Bing Maps provides, combined with foursquare’s user reputation service … making it easier to explore any city in the world as if you were a local," said Todd Schwartz of Bing. "It's like an interactive day planner, designed to help find the best things to do in the area."

The app is available to everyone. If you don’t see it in the gallery just yet, be patient (and be sure to click on “Newest” in the top right corner).