X Change - Get Your Web Analytics On in San Francisco

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X Change - Web Analytics Conference, San Francisco
X Change could mean a lot of different things in San Francisco. In this case, we're referring to a stellar gathering of web analytics practitioners, sharing everything they know. And from what we know, no date is required.

The web analytics industry is about 13 years old, yet the space is in no way in a placid state. According to Phil Kemelor, VP at Web Analytics consulting firm Semphonic, the irony is that the evolution of the technology has far out paced the use of the tools themselves.

If you're one of those struggling to make sense of volumes of data or just trying to work out the best practices for applied web analytics, there's an event on the horizon for you.

The X Change Web Analytics Conference, put together by Semphonic, kicks off Thursday September 10th and runs for two days. It will take place in the heart of our dear San Francisco, at the St. Regis Hotel.

It's the format that sets this event apart. The conference is run as an immersion event with the primary format being small group discussions, leadby web analytics professionals from large enterprises including Nokia, Charles Schwab, Intuit and the New York Times.

Learning Opportunities

According to previous attendee, Judah Phillip of Monster WorldWide, "This conference is different from all the others. No Powerpoints, no canned speeches, no talking heads. Instead X Change offers an intimate opportunity for real-world practitioners to get together and have focused conversations about real business challenges."

If the event's format doesn't convince you, then the headliner most likely will. X Change will start off with what is being called the founding fathers keynote. This will be a discussion conducted by some of the best and most experienced minds in the industry. The current line-up includes:

  • Brett Crosby -- Group Manager, Google Analytics
  • Matt Cutler -- VP, Visible Measures; Co-founder, NetGenesis
  • Bob Page -- Group Leader, Yahoo!; Co-founder Accrue Software
  • John R. Pestana -- Co-founder, Omniture; Co-founder ObservePoint

Conference registration will cost you US$ 2000, but you'll get 15% off with the CMSWire discount code: XCCMS. There's also an in-depth training day called THINK TANK, running on September 9th. That checkbox will run another US$ 666 for conference attendees.