There are many things holding back companies from engaging with social media. One of them is there is no definitive equation that guarantees return on investment. And though one of the best things about social media is that the user gets to determine what holds the most value, it’s often the most daunting challenge for companies -- who are they to know what determines value? Which is why we had to talk to FanGager to talk about its social media platform.

It's built to meet the needs of brand managers everywhere, and FanGager should know -- it spent a significant amount of time surveying what brand managers want, need and otherwise consider to be challenges in facilitating social media initiatives. What it found is pretty typical, but outlines the consensus when it comes to managing online and social media campaigns.

  • How do I handle all our fans?
  • How do I generate value for my organization?
  • How do I generate value for my fans?

If only companies could have a tool that can answer these three questions, the potential for reaching, engaging and generating revenue is greater than can be imagined. Enter FanGager.

FanGager built a platform that is designed to meet these needs and puts the power of generating ROI in the hands of the brand manager. Let’s take a look.

A Database of Fans

FanGager lets companies connect to their social media accounts and scan the activity of fans and followers through a main dashboard. Managers can see the demographic information, activities and the types of content with which they have engaged. From within the database, fans and followers can be sent email, other messages and can be sorted by a variety of filters, including age, gender and location.


Using the FanGager Admin dashboard, brand managers have access to social CRM capabilities.

Fan Engagement for Company Value

This is where it gets good. Brand managers can assign values to the actions they consider to be top priority. Once assigned, you can begin to measure and identify the fans who are engaging the most. For instance, if you think it’s valuable when users comment on your Facebook page, then you can assign a high number or points to that activity.


FanGager provides marketing managers with a fans management and engagement platform, enabling them to unlock the potential of their company's fans.

Additionally, you can drive fans toward different kinds of engagement, based on different behaviors, in an effort to get specific feedback. Want to get mothers or teenage males to watch a video or participate in a focus group? Then you can create specific targets to do so.

Company Engagement for Fan Value

After you’ve identified your fan activities and assigned value to preferred actions, you can begin to provide fans with incentives for their actions so they can earn badges, points or rewards redeemable for gifts.

The Future of Social Media Engagement

From behavior tracking to lead generation, FanGager provides a platform from which to generate your own return on investment. Such power can prove to be enlightening. Companies already using the tool have demonstrated their ability to engage where it generates the most value for both companies and fans.

There’s no doubt that FanGager can be a valuable tool for companies willing to make the investment (read: it doesn’t come cheap). However, being in control of your destiny isn’t free. For those interested, but still hesitent, FanGager dares you to take a test drive: Enter your Facebook page name and let it scan and email you the results. You can also request a demo and read through case studies.

All in all, you’d be hard-pressed to find another solution that let you manage, engage and reward your fans’ engagement quite the way that FanGager does.