When it comes to social media monitoring, most companies are eager, but soon become overwhelmed by the lack of metrics. Connecting the dots between tweeting and direct revenue isn’t always easy, but Digital River’s SocialStream is trying.

A Social Media Toolset

Released this summer, SocialStream offers a new social media toolset powered by Digital River’s global e-commerce solutions. With SocialStream, online brand and product marketers can launch and manage e-store promotions over multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts while capturing resulting sales metrics.

As more and more companies begin to engage their customers online, best practices emerge and help marketers and brand managers better understand how best to optimize social media relations. With SocialStream, companies can access all their accounts through the same interface, making it easy and convenient to send messages and reply to customers directly.

Putting it All Together

SocialStream generates campaign reports that show customer activity, including unique clicks, conversions and revenue generated. Brand managers can also track average order value and revenue per visitor, revenue generated per follower, number of click-throughs and total sales generated, among other metrics.


SocialStream's integrated social marketing metrics track conversion rates, sales and revenue for each independent campaign and specific social media account

Not only does such reporting provide marketers with benchmarks, it makes social media mean something. While it’s obviously going to differ from company to company, SocialStream’s feedback gives marketers the freedom to track different messaging and engagement strategies.

So the next time you look at your Twitter stream and Facebook stats and ask “what does it all mean?” consider sailing down the SocialStream for answers.