HootSuite Dashboard Now with Social Media Scheduling
Social media dashboard provider HootSuite (news, site) aims to kick off the next hit phase of online publishing with a new collection of secure social and workflow tools. Read on if you're into scheduling, granular permissions and that whole drag-and-drop thing. 

Smarter Publishing

HootSuite's primary additions, which support the social networks integrated in the dashboard (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, etc.) include:

Calendar View 

The new calendar view saves your followers from information overload by enabling you to plan and schedule updates across networks. Social destinations for each message can be sliced and diced, and updates are easily plugged into calendar time slots via drag-and-drop functionality:

HootSuite Calendar View

The daily/weekly/monthly calendar view is only available with Pro and Enterprise versions, but all users can enjoy the advanced scheduling functionality and see how calendar views can manage complex campaigns.

Limited Permissions

Enterprise teams can now invite interns, junior employees, new hires, contractors and the like to become more engaged with the publishing system by allowing them to share searches and draft messages without the power to publish. 

Under the Limited Permissions setting, drafts from these team members are placed in an approval queue marked as "unapproved" until approved by an authorized team member. This ensures that only appropriate and accurate updates are posted to corporate or governments profiles:


HootSuite Scheduled Approval

As the HootSuite team says, this feature gives organizations the ability to "prevent embarrassing gaffes while still allowing for collaboration." 

Smarter Broadcasts

You can now save time in the profile management process by choosing the accounts you want messages published to via an auto-completing text field. Select one, several, or all social profiles to broadcast to the ideal audience, plus choose a default profile or create a bundle of frequently used profiles to message with one click.

Hoot, Hoot

HootSuite's Web and mobile social media dashboard competes with players like Seesmic and TweetDeck (though the latter was recently acquired by Twitter), but hopes to move up a step with this week's enhancements. 

If you're interested, check out the company's different pricing plans here