With measurement on the brain, IBM has released two cloud-based software  solutions designed to help marketers gain real-time, actionable insight from social media channel data. 

IBM Coremetrics Social

Coremetrics Social was built to make sense of the ever-growing stream of data spewing from consumer platforms. Based on IBM's Coremetrics Continuous Optimization Platform, the tool essentially helps companies determine the effectiveness and impact of social marketing initiatives as they are passed along via buzz, tweet, etc. 

The software uses information that is publicly available on sites such as Facebook and Twitter to create benchmarks that can then be compared to campaigns from competitors. 

"IBM's approach to social media analytics is based on the understanding that people interact with an organization's brand in a number of ways -- including email, social networking sites, and company websites -- and the true measure of business impact demands a fully integrated view of the interaction with these resources," said John Squire, chief strategy officer, IBM Coremetrics, in a statement. 

Unica Pivotal Veracity Email Optimisation

Unica, an IBM company, simultaneously released another tool called the Unica Pivotal Veracity Email Optimization Suite. With a focus on the inbox, the tool specifically analyzes e-mail links that are shared across social media platforms. In other words, Unica's inbox-first approach means the varying complexities of campaigns can be calculated at any point in the life cycle. 

The collected data is then plugged into handy infographics, enabling marketers to easily recognize their most profitable opportunities:


Staying Afloat in the Social Media Marketing Pool

As we learned at this year's eMetrics conference in San Francisco, data won’t speak for itself. It’s the analysts job to present it in a way that is not only digestible but compelling in business terms. IBM's releases specifically cater to this need, providing analysts with all the story telling tools they need to present finicky CMOs with understandable and convincing data. 

IBM is looking further into dominating this field with a recently founded consulting practice called Smarter Commerce. The practice offers cloud analytics software that enables businesses to monitor their brand's social media presence in real-time. 

“Today, marketers are extending their email into social in a number of different ways,” explained Michelle Eichner, vice president of product marketing at Unica. “This is a whole new set of metrics where our industry has never had the ability to say 'Here are all of my links that were shared, here are the campaigns they are associated with, here is which campaigns are more popular in influencing people to share, and now I can know exactly who these people sharers are and take that data to try to get them to do more, to get them to keep on singing the praises of my brand'.”

Intrigued? Check it out.