Jive (news, site) has launched a new connector allowing Jive Engage-powered platforms to access and thrive on the busy Facebook communities, and maximise advantage of the messages.

Mixing Business and Social

The Jive Facebook Connector is a new tool for Jive Engage users, allowing them to link Facebook content, pages and that sense of community into their own platforms. Opening up the massive opportunities of social media awareness, client interaction and new customers.

Jive's Facebook Connector gives companies a way to access and monitor customer interactions and information posted to Facebook. This will help the media and marketing departments manage the conversation, respond to user needs and comments, and improve the visibility of recommendations and advertising content by sharing and reposting.

Jive's social business message is pushing more companies to take advantage of personal social sites and Facebook is the latest added to the fold. Not only does this encourage workers, clients and users to post questions and create content and join in the community, it encourages collaboration among workers and encourages take up of the social web.

Learning Opportunities

The Facebook connector joins Twitter, blogs and other social media services on Jive, which can generate graphical reports on what is being said and who is saying it, to help refine your company's social focus.

Jiving on Facebook

The new Facebook Connector is available to users now and gives companies the ability to access the huge numbers of Facebook users, generate reports on what is being said and how the company's message is spreading.

It can also be used to encourage collaboration between in-house experts and customers or the public who are posting questions on Facebook about products or systems, helping to get better answers out to customers, or potential ones, faster.