Kampyle Collects Words, Not Just Numbers with Feedback Analytics

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In the past when we’ve talked about usability testing, we’ve approached it from the perspective of tracking visitors’ behaviors online to help us better understand how customers use a site. But what if you could actually ask each individual a question?

That’s what Kampyle aims to do with their feedback analytics tools. Unlike traditional website analytics,Kampyle for Websites doesn’t lend insight about a company’s website with numbers. Instead, it use words.

Adding a Human Touch to Feedback Analytics

With Kampyle, companies can place branded, fully customizable feedback forms on their websites (Figure 1), which customers can access and submit feedback about the site. 


Figure 1. An example of a Kampyle for Websites Feedback Form

Companies can select the sub-categories (Figure 2) about which they want to learn more, such as usability and design, site content and disability support.


Figure 2. An example of the subcategories about which customers can leave feedback.

The form is simple enough, and lets users choose emoticons to indicate their level of satisfaction, as well as the opportunity to report a bug, compliment the site or suggest ideas.

By giving customers the ability to give feedback directly from a website, rather than in an email or anonymous survey, companies convey that they really care about what their customers have to say.

Learning Opportunities


Figure 3. An example of a eCommerce site the uses a feedback banner in the bottom left-hand corner to solicit user feedback.

Kampyle’s CEO Ariel Finkelstein, couldn’t agree more. Having co-founded the company in 2007, Finklestein wanted to combine online feedback collection with advanced analytics so as to let companies optimize the user experience, improve conversions and increase sales, all while integrating a human element into the process. Users who submit feedback through a site’s feedback form can choose to leave their contact information so that they can be contacted for additional follow-up about a problem they encountered or how the site has been updated to reflect their suggestions.

Words + Numbers = Results

Integrating feedback forms into a website not only adds a human touch, but it also helps to streamline support and sales leads. Obviously, tech support can’t fix what they don’t know isn’t working well, so the forms let them fix bugs before they become bigger issues. As well, sales teams can follow up with users who have exclusively provided information about why they didn’t complete a web form, abandoned a shopping cart or left the site altogether.

While Kampyle finds value in a customer’s words, it doesn’t think companies should ignore web analytics altogether. That’s why its dashboard integrates with Google Analytics and Omniture, allowing its customers to see both what and why in one place. The Kampyle dashboard can alert site managers to what the most pressing issues are (as indicated from form feedback) while showing comparative analytics that may highlight what result it’s having (i.e, site bounces, decreased page views, etc) on the site.

With more than 40,000 companies using Kampyle’s feedback analytics on their websites, Kampyle has seen that using feedback forms not only has increased sales leads and improved site usability, it’s also facilitated more in real life (IRL) conversations with customers. By supplementing real-time feedback with real-time analytics, Kampyle letscompanies see their website in a whole new way.

Pricing starts at $US 99/month for smaller websites and up to $US 999/month for larger websites, yet a 15-day free trial is available for all. In addition to Kampyle for Websites, there is Kampyle for Software,which allows companies to better understand why users abandon softwareinstallation.

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