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"We'll make our website mobile friendly." A common phrase heard these days among organizations who have finally accepted what you've all known for a while now -- the mobile channel must be addressed.

Nice to get to this point, but the solution is not as simple as taking your existing website and creating a mobile friendly version. Not at all. The prevailing wisdom is that you must re-think the mobile experience. Luke Wroblewski, previously Yahoo!'s Chief Design Architect, advocates for this approach, giving you three points to consider:

  1. Mobile is exploding
  2. Mobile forces to you to focus on what the user really needs. Here getting the user experience right is critical.
  3. Mobile extends your capabilities to include things that a traditional browser based website does not, such as location awareness.

"We really need to shift to start thinking about building mobile first. This is an even bigger shift than the PC revolution", Kevin Lynch, CTO of Adobe.

In this shift we are all students again. Addressing that reality, Ektron is holding an educational webinar tomorrow May 19th at 10am PST / 1pm EST entitled The Mobile Revolution -- Moving Beyond Mobile Friendly. The event is hosted by Morehead State University and Ektron's Chief Marketing Officer, Tom Wentworth. During the live session you'll learn about the business case for mobile as "the" primary customer channel.

Some say this is a bigger shift than the Internet revolution. That may sound a little over the top, but it may be closer to the truth than you realize. Register here to learn more.