Mixpanel: An iPhone Analytics Tool Apple Might Actually Like

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Mixpanel: An iPhone Analytics Tool Apple Might Actually Like
Ever since Steve Jobs ripped Flurry (news, site) a new one for leaking device data about Apple products, iPhone analytics has been a touchy subject. But this week, a promising startup called Mixpanel is attempting to patch the wound with their iPhone SDK library. 

Mixpanel's analytics solution has been around for about a year now, and already they're tracking a reported billion actions per month across various Web applications:

Mixpanel Report

With the launch of the SDK iPhone library, all the power of that solution gets planted directly into the iPhone. Wary of Flurry's mistake, Mixpanel claims to have taken a close look at Apple’s terms of service, and is sure that their solution stays “well within” the outlined rules.

All it takes is adding a few lines of code into applications for customers to receive Mixpanel data in real-time:



Learning Opportunities

What's Up, Gamers

The company appears to be heavily targeting game developers with one, enabling the division of users based on different demographics in order to hone in on segmented behavior. For example, a developer can focus on gender-based user behavior, and whether or not their in-game character has a weapon (shown in the video above). This data is key a key part of funnel analytics, which enable organizations to track each step a group makes towards conversion. 

Why Not Google?

Aside from being a seemingly Apple-friendly solution, Mixpanel claims their analytics do something that offerings from popular companies like Google don't:

“Our main competitive advantage is we really get the market; I worked at Slide and have built products in a data-driven way, worked with their analytics team, seen their system and system of other extremely well known startups,” said co-founder Suhail Doshi. “We’re building something we know people will use, because we know exactly what the big boys use. We know their pain points and really get where they are severely inefficient.”

Check out a full list of Mixpanel's features here, or head on over here for specifics on their iPhone developments.