We weren't kidding when we said  mobile is everything. Tying in our little jaunt with SugarCRM as well, RhoLogic recently kicked out their SugarCRM smartphone application. Built using Rhodes, the application allows workers to access, input and edit CRM data on their mobile.



RhoLogic's mobile solution is for enterprises of all sizes and that it's open source means it's full customizable, and can also be integrated into existing enterprise solutions. Some highlights include: 

  • Bi-directional information updates
  • Support for changing underlying schema
  • View updated customer records instantly
  • Remote synchronization with backend enterprise CRM applications
  • Access customer data when offline

"For almost a decade we have been designing, developing and implementing CRM solutions for businesses," said Chris Hall, CEO of Logic Appeal. "When we decided to offer a mobile solution to clients, we chose to go with Rhodes as it supports all major smartphones and is the only framework to offer synchronization between back-end applications and end-user devices – a necessary capability for enterprise CRM mobile deployments."

Collaborative CRM

RhoLogic isn't the only company on the CRM hype. MindTouch recently announced a partnership that will leverage their platform within the SugarCRM environment. Made possible by a consulting firm called Levementum, the integration enables SugarCRM users to create documents within MindTouch in order to collaborate on sales opportunities from the Sugar environment. 

The benefits of social CRM were on everyone's mind at this week's conference. In a presentation from well-known analyst Jeremiah Owyang, he noted that real-time is quickly becoming too slow. Because consumers can now speak directly to companies via networks such as Twitter, they expect--and deserve--faster customer service and holistic touch points.

How to be faster than the present? That's where social CRM comes in. With this technology, Owyang claims that predicting customer behavior is in the near future.

"Social CRM represents a continuing journey by organizations to deliver the right customer experience at the right time," he said. "It's not just about technologies. It's not just about business processes. It's fundamentally how to and where to reengage with customers in both social channels and the traditional world."