Getting a handle on your social media use and feedback can a big challenge for enterprises -- one that SAS (news, site) has an answer for.

Paying Attention to What's Being Said

SAS Social Media Analytics is a new multilingual hosted package for SAS users that inspects both commercial and consumer-level social media. It can help business intelligence-types hunt for conversations about your company and analyze what is being said. One bonus of the SAS product is that two years of Facebook/Twitter and similar data can be accessed immediately to help create a baseline.

Clients give SAS the rules they want to be analyzed and then a hosted-service is created. Users monitor it via a neat dashboard, showing the volumes of comments and their sentiment rating across the social media space.

Companies can watch the message spread about company news, new launches and so on, and see where unwanted negative sentiment is creeping is and take action.


SaS Social Media Analytics

Managing Your Brand

Users can track conversations over days or months to see the trends emerging and even run forecasts to see how a theme will run into the future. The client company can have a range of areas analyzed including products, company departments, overall company reputation and so on.

Other areas like influence and popularity can also be monitored to see which media outlets say the most things about your company. Word clouds highlight popular phrases to show what trending topics are being discussed about a subject.

Also, the user can manually edit the system to change how sentiment is measured and viewed, helping them to learn from experience and react better to future changes. SAS claims a 90%+ accuracy rating for automatic sentiment management, but a little tweaking can make that even better.


Follow and manage your company reputation

The Advantages of Paying Attention

For some companies, there is an obvious benefit to this measurement. They will know when a problem goes from a limited technical issue to one that is being widely debated and is, potentially, damaging the company. Software companies will see interest in a product diminish over time and know when an update or refresh is needed to pep up the image and so on.

Companies with brand names to protect can watch and jump in when a spike in the data is noticed. This being a SAS product it is aimed firmly at the larger companies out there that get many thousands, if not millions of mentions. Costs are in the thousands to tens of thousands per month range, depending on the client's needs.