SeeWhy Enhances Conversion Abilities in Time for Holidays
With holiday shopping in mind, SeeWhy (news, site) hit the market with extended conversion abilities for re-marketing to those customers whose wallets just need a little extra push. 

In case you aren't in the know, SeeWhy's Conversion Manager and Abandonment Tracker solutions aim to recover abandoned shopping carts and Web forms, and then turn the abandoners back into customers. Basically, after capturing the unique IDs of fickle customers, SeeWhy's tracker e-mails those IDs, along with details including matching e-mail addresses, shopping cart items, and the stage in the conversion process at which the visitor jumped ship, to the website owner.

The reports are sent along with individual targeted follow-up campaigns which the website owner can then send out. With holiday shopping and insane days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up, SeeWhy is taking the opportunity to specifically boost their Conversion Manager product with new behavioral remarketing, continuous A/B testing, and campaign transition features: 

  • Behavioral remarketing lets users trigger different remarketing campaigns based on website behavior
  • Continuous A/B testing lets users test different creative approaches, promotions, remarketing content across multi-phase, real-time campaigns
  • Campaign transitions let users automate cutover between promotions and other campaigns, based on time and date criteria

"Our real-time, transaction-oriented remarketing capabilities give ecommerce teams ways to precisely refine both their immediate and on-going engagement with abandoners, using both email and social networks," boasted Scott G. Silk, CEO of SeeWhy. "That kind of relevant, one-to-one interaction is going to pay off during the holidays and afterward.”

It's notable that while SeeWhy's Conversion Manager may help you collect more money this season, the product itself still costs a pretty penny. Price tags start at US$ 10,000 and you can get more information on that here.