Twitter's Cooking Up a Free Analytics Dashboard
We know it's a lot to ask, but please turn your head away from the new Twitter for just a second because there's more exciting news coming down the pipeline. Ross Hoffman, a member of the Twitter business development team, recently discussed an up and coming free analytics dashboard that will help Twitter users understand how others are interacting with their tweets.

The backbone of the solution is made up of Trendly, an analytics provider Twitter acquired in June. Trendly was mostly known for highlighting important changes in Web traffic, and it sounds like they'll carry that technology over to the new dashboard. According to Hoffman, the solution will essentially tell users which of their tweets have gone viral and which users in their networks are influential.

Why is this important? Well, Twitter kicked a few third-party companies to the curb with the release of their new interface, and we expect to see some similar suffering when this new analytics dashboard hits the scene in Q4. Analytics companies like Omniture and Klout will have to work double time if they expect their Twitter apps to compete with a free, baked-in solution. 

Further, it's interesting to think about Twitter's efforts to seemingly become an all-in-one solution for something we can't quite label yet (just don't call it a social network). 

Both Twitter's Vice President for Business and Corporate development, Kevin Thau, and CEO, Evan Williams, have recently talked about how Twitter is a place for news and information exploration, but an analytics dashboard promotes a realm of social media marketing. 

Perhaps Twitter's aim is to be a Swiss-Army-knife type of solution, much like Google. As the solutions keep comin' and the third-party apps keep goin', what do you see yourself primarily using the platform for?