Many of us are guilty of allowing our smart devices to take away from our daily experiences, tasks and focus. I’ve even heard people go so far as not read the top articles on CMSWire last week because they were too busy “checking emails” or “texting a coworker” or “doing the random Giphy generator on Slack,” but in reality they were all-consumed by the Gram (that’s millennial-speak for Instagram).

To that, I say: “Stop! Be present. Your presence is a present!”  If you have fallen victim to the scenario above, no judgement, I wrote this article recapping the last week of articles on our site for you. If distractions don't work on you, but you somehow missed the top articles from last week anyway, I wrote this for you, too. Basically, everyone is invited to read — I’m an inclusive writer.

Last week on CMSWire, we discussed the difference between your CMS and digital experience platforms, two approaches to building a chatbot, the top EPM platforms and so much more. Get your weekly download of ICYMI (In Case You Missed It), below.

Learning Opportunities

Quick, Give Me the Headlines:

  • CMS and digital experience platforms are not the same. Here’s why.
  • “Customer experience is getting so much better!” said no one today. Here’s how to shift your CX to be customer-centric.
  • There are two common methods (and a hybrid option) to building a chatbot. FYI: they’re called Machine Learning and Linguistic Rules.
  • Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by a cluttered digital workspace (*both of my hands are raised). Here are a few surefire ways to declutter your digital workspace.
  • Have you ever wondered how the top enterprise project management (EPM) software stack up against each other? Wonder no more, here are the top 16 EPMs.
  • It may be time for you to say “Bye, Felicia” to your Documentum (or any Legacy ECM for that matter). This article provides your exit strategy. (Hint: it’s not quite as easy as stepping out the back, Jack).
  • Where’s the wide-eyed emoji when you need it? Forrester Research released its annual survey on the low-code ecosystem with a section dedicated entirely to low-code for the business professional user. Get an inside look at the low-code development landscape.
  • It’s a little late in the article for my roll call for marketers, but … hey Marketers! The path to CMO (I know that’s your end-goal) is both lucrative and varied. Get to it.
  • While I have my fellow marketers’ attention, what do you think about Amazon’s new AR, VR app builder? Here’s what it could mean for your team.
  • How is it already December? 2018 is right around the corner. Here are the Reader Advisory Board’s predictions for next year’s digital experience trends.

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