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OpenText CEO: Digital Changes the Nature of Work

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LAS VEGAS — OpenText CEO Mark Barrenechea is enthusiastic about digital transformation.

“I could spend hours on this topic,” he said during his keynote address at Enterprise World 2015 here.  “Digital is the enabler and we think the ultimate destination is creating a better way to work.”

 “Digitalization changes everything,” he continued, from the way we think, compete, innovate, experiment and frame the customer journey.

“The mainframe allowed us to go local. The cloud allowed us to go global. Digital allows us to go hyperscale. Not global, it’s hyperscale and we each have to define what hyperscale is to us.”

On Digital

As a business leader, Barrenechea said, digital "is top of mind for me. I have thought long and hard about it, and was inspired to capture these thoughts in this ‘small book on a BIG idea.’”

In his new book “On Digital” he lays out his case and declares it’s a mindset. Once organizations have a digital mindset, things will move with speed and purpose. “Just like an IQ and EQ, we also need to develop a DQ, a digital quotient where strategy, culture, people and capabilities converge.”

He summed it up by saying, “It is digital or die. Standing still is always the riskiest action to take – you’re an easy target. Change is always the safer path.”

Learning Opportunities

Addressing the Future

OpenText will be celebrating its 25th anniversary next year and has its eyes set on the future.

Barrenechea told the audience that unprecedented change is happening with customers and OpenText has positioned itself to provide solutions — from seamlessly running business on-premises and in the cloud to developing lightweight, functional applications.

He also spoke about a new workforce full of millennials who think and do business differently than a generation ago and the power of digital disruption.

“Those who can find a way to disrupt their own business model or someone else’s will be on top of the heap. To compete and win, one must disrupt, not just differentiate.”