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Although the past 12 months saw major hype around developments in artificial intelligence (AI), and marketers are still excited about the prospects, it's not all hype for which enterprise software practitioners are concerned. They want their marketing automation software to perform flawlessly. They want to ensure they're on top of digital transformation, both in the areas of customer experience and employee experience. And they're certainly keeping an eye on cloud-computing developments.

Over the course of 2017, certain stories rose to the top and resonated with our readers. Here we've lined them up for your perusal. Without further ado, here's a look back at the top 15 stories we produced in 2017:

15. Marketo Project Orion Rollout Leaves Some Customers Complaining, Confused

Staff reporter Dom Nicastro caught up with marketing automation provider Marketo in February to discuss an update on their big data re-architecture project they announced in May of 2016. We learned that while there were some early winners for Marketo users, other customers were not so happy with the progress of the project.

14. Kofax Is for Sale: Will Hyland or Thoma Bravo Be the New Owners?

Staff reporter Virginia Backaitis offered a look into the potential sale of enterprise content management provider Kofax. "Though the $1.5 billion price tag would be "expensive" according to several analysts CMSWire spoke with," Backaitis reported, "they also pointed out that Hyland might be able to pull the acquisition off because it is owned by private equity firm Thoma Bravo, potentially giving Hyland easier access to capital." 

13. Microsoft Integrates Power BI in SharePoint Online

Staff reporter David Roe in February reported that Microsoft had made another significant step in pulling SharePoint Online deeper into the wider Office 365 productivity suite. Senior Program Manager Lukasz Pawlowski announced the availability of the Power BI report web part for SharePoint Online. Roe discovered SharePoint Online enterprises would now be able to take Power BI content and pull it up directly in SharePoint.

12. RapidMiner, KNIME, SAS, IBM Lead Gartner's MQ for Data Science Analytics

Who led the data science analytics vendor world, according to Gartner? Staff reporter Dom Nicastro revealed Gartner's top dogs in a February report. "Organizations want data science platforms that embrace open-source technologies and machine-learning science," Nicastro reported, "as they move from descriptive and diagnostic analytics to predictive and prescriptive approaches."

11. Why 2017 Is the Year of Cloud-First Headless CMS

Kentico CEO and CMSWire contributor Petr Palas discussed the benefits of deploying cloud-first, headless content management systems. "We're now facing a similar disruption in content management," Palas wrote. "It may take a few years, but we will eventually get there as the cloud-first headless CMS model provides very tangible benefits for the customers. By best estimates, 2017 is the year when cloud-first headless CMS will start going mainstream."

10. Tableau, Microsoft, Qlik Lead Gartner's BI & Analytic Platforms Magic Quadrant

Staff reporter Virginia Backaitis found that in a crowded BI and analytics market — which includes everything from legacy technology players to well-funded startups — three vendors were ranked as leaders according to Gartner.

9. Medium vs. WordPress: Battle of the Blogging Platforms

Reporter Kaya Ismail put two popular blogging sites head-to-head. "The stature of web authoring is growing both personally and professionally," Ismail wrote, "so I decided to take a good look at the battle raging between WordPress, the market share hogging blogging solution come CMS, and Medium, the young blogging platform come social network." 

8. The New Marketo Google Partnership: What You Need to Know

Marketo announced a partnership with the Google Cloud Platform Aug. 24 that sources told CMSWire, signals a “mind-blowing” convergence of marketing and advertising technologies and underscores the "scale and power of a public cloud infrastructure."

7. OpenText Buys Documentum, Faces Competition as Veeva Goes Bigger on ECM

In a major shakeup in the ECM world in January, staff reporter Virginia Backaitis reported that OpenText finalized its acquisition of Dell EMC's Enterprise Content Division (ECD), including Documentum.

6. Why the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence Outweigh the Risks

Contributor Douglas Eldridge tried in February to convince workers not to fear artificial intelligence (AI) but to embrace it. "Even software companies not at the scale of Google or Amazon are already using AI and creating jobs at the same time," Eldridge wrote.

5. Microsoft Teams and Yammer: Why the Two Are Fundamentally Different

Contributor Armin Kammerlander dove into the differences between Microsoft's new Teams platform and Yammer. "People work in different modes. Some tasks and responsibilities rest on the shoulders of individuals, some on teams and some on groups," he wrote. "These differences make up a great deal of the different requirements for collaborations software and they are the reason why there is no 'one size fits all' tool."

4. 7 Top CRM Trends for 2017: A Look Ahead

Marketers clearly care about trends in customer relationship management (CRM) software. Contributor Pini Yakuel help set the tone in January for what would be ahead for CRM in 2017.

3. Forrester Boots Adobe, Names Oracle Lone Digital Experience Platform Leader

In arguably the most shocking development in the world of analysts software reports, Forrester crowned Oracle the new digital experience platforms leader in its Wave, displacing Adobe. Dom Nicastro reported the news in September, which sent shockwaves throughout the enterprise software practitioner world. "Although Oracle lacks in customer analytics and digital intelligence," Nicastro reported, "(Forrester analysts Mark) Grannan and (Ted) Schadler noted Oracle's focus on making deployments simple and its Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) strategy on the Oracle Cloud."

2. 10 Digital Workplace Trends Shaping the Future of Work

New research in April by Deloitte indicated the move to digital workplaces is not as fast, or as efficient as might be expected, and that a large disconnect separates the leaders of organizations from the workers when it comes to digital, staff reporter David Roe uncovered.

1. IBM Reportedly Ends Remote Working as Layoff Rumors Grow

Staff reporter Erika Morphy and Noreen Seebacher jumped on news in February that IBM was stopping remote working. The news came amid rumblings that IBM was on the verge of "mass" layoffs — even as IBM Chief Executive Officer Ginni Rometty publicly pledged to hire about 25,000 US workers and spend $1 billion on training over the next four years.