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Next to the actual goods or services your company produces, knowledge within your organization is your most important asset. This knowledge is invaluable to stay ahead of your competitors and meet customer expectations. With so much data generated daily (more than 2.5 million terabytes, according to one report (1)), businesses need quick and efficient ways to surface relevant information.

While digital transformation is critical, it also adds complexity to the way data is created and stored. One would think that information would be more easily accessible when it’s stored digitally. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. Siloed departments or programs can create barriers as if it were in a locked filing cabinet in a satellite office, rather than on the cloud. In addition, a great deal of organizational knowledge is available only to certain individuals. Yet the need for certain information often overlaps. If employees can’t find the right information they’re looking for, it creates redundancies (as employees duplicate data) and affects employee productivity.

This is where enterprise search comes in. Enterprise search is a powerful tool that can break down digital silos, democratize data and decentralize accessibility, making information available to anyone in the organization who needs it. When employees uniformly have access to the right information, the organization benefits through increased productivity levels and (ultimately) customer satisfaction.

Information Should Be Accessible

Employees can’t do their jobs effectively without the specialized knowledge of the organization — whether it’s the knowledge of a product or the proper procedure of how to accomplish certain tasks. Yet knowledge is often siloed, locked away with specific people or in certain programs

You need to be able to extract data, especially when said data is unstructured. One of the advantages of enterprise search is its ability to sift through both structured and unstructured data to get employees the information they need. The average worker spends nearly a third of their day searching for information. (2) Anything organizations can do to facilitate information gathering allows employees more time to focus on other, more mission-critical tasks.

Information Access Boosts Productivity

Employees need to be able to find information without difficulty. When they can’t, it leads to lost time as employees hunt down information, often coming up with partial or inaccurate findings. Research suggests that employees spend nearly 10 hours a week gathering information. (3) Reducing the time employees have to spend looking for information should be a top priority for any organization looking to increase employee productivity.

Employees need to be well-informed about your business. They require the insights that come from your organization’s institutional knowledge. An enterprise search platform can give them those insights. Employees work better and faster when they have access to the information they need, which in turn can boost their productivity.

Information Access Reduces Business Risk

Business risks are often information related. If employees can’t keep up with changing compliance regulations or procedures, they risk exposing the company to fines or regulations oversight. Further, if processes aren’t thoroughly documented, employees run the risk of duplicating work or creating inconsistent work, which can also increase compliance risk. In this instance, inaccessible information directly contributes to business risk.

Conversely, easy information access and accessibility reduce business risk. When employees are able to access relevant information, they are more productive, less likely to make mistakes or duplicate work and better able to comply with the latest regulations. Making information accessible through enterprise search is then invaluable to reducing business risk and minimizing instances of noncompliance.


Knowledge is your organization's intellectual property. The expertise and learnings from within are what sets you apart from the competition. However, information is often difficult to find. Enterprise search can democratize your organization’s knowledge base by eliminating silos and increasing productivity. Your employees shouldn’t have to work so hard to get their work done. An effective enterprise search solution means they won’t have to.

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